Tax Day - Vintage IRS Release
May 20, 2024
11:38PM - 11:38PM
Event Overview

I'm guessing you really don't care to hear about anything IRS-related, but stick with us here. This is a good IRS. It's the über-dark, roasty-toasty, decadently rich Stone Imperial Russian Stout.  Take your tax return and invest in something that will certainly appreciate and be appreciated over time!

2015 Stone CHAI-SPICED Imperial Russian Stout

ABV: 10.8%

This one-time-only beer, a fascinating addition to our “Odd Beers for Odd Years” series, incorporates cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, a dash of black pepper and a dose of black tea to emulate the aroma and taste of authentic chai tea. Combine these strikingly piquant ingredients with the classic version of Stone Imperial Russian Stout―with its incumbent flavors of chocolate, black currants, coffee and roastiness―and an already profoundly rewarding beer ascends to new, flavorful dimensions.

Select Archive Vintage Bottles also available (Varies by location)