Throwback Thursdays: Stone Winter Harvest Triple
September 23, 2023
8:23AM - 8:23AM
Event Overview

Every Thursday we're selecting an archive beer from the cellar to put on tap!

Stone Winter Harvest Triple

ABV: 10.7%

Notes: Brewed with Red Wine grapes from our friend Jon McPherson, Executive Winemaker at South Coast Winery, and 4 strains of Brettanomyces yeast.  Malty and vinous aroma with aromatic notes of black pepper and flowers from the Brettanomyces fermentation.  Oak is present but subdued in the flavor, but the wine grape flavor is intense, contributing complex red fruit flavors such as cherry and raspberry, and marries in with the malty flavors of the beer.  The short, refreshing finish makes this a dangerously drinkable beer at 10.7% ABV.