It’s no secret that amateur brewers are a crucial part of American beer culture, and the source of untold creativity and innovation. In a continuing effort to link professional and amateur brewers together, craft brewers from across the U.S. are helping the AHA increase members by hosting AHA membership rallies. Now it’s our turn.

We will be hosting an AHA Membership Rally in our Gardens on Saturday, March 21st at 1:00pm. Current AHA members receive free admittance and can RENEW their membership for a discounted rate of $33. If you’re not a member, your $33 will cover your admission to the rally, tasting and judging at Stone’s AHA March Madness Rally (read below), as well as a ONE-YEAR membership to the AHA.

You may recall an AHA rally we did a little over a year ago where we invited homebrewers to compete using many different variations of the same wort. Well, we're doing it again - but a bit differently...

For this AHA Rally, we are turning to Southern Californian Homebrew Clubs to show off their finest creations. We encourage clubs to choose by democratic process (or gladiator style, whatever works) their two finest beers to enter into Stone's AHA March Madness Rally. By Friday, March 6th, your club must submit the names of those beers to us. Then on Saturday, March 21st at 1pm we will hold the judging on the grass at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. AHA members will be able to taste and vote for their favorites and will narrow it down to the top four. From there, a panel of Stone judges will do a blind tasting to choose their favorite. Then our brewing team will get the esteemed pleasure of brewing with the winning homebrewer to produce their beer to serve at Stone. Yes, you heard right. We want to brew your beer on our system!

PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES (below) to get all the facts and nitty-gritty, and for god sakes - START BREWING!

American Homebrewers AssociationCalifornia Homebrewers AssociationStone Brewing World Bistro & GardensStone Brewing Co.

You must have your registration form filled out and submitted by Wednesday, March 18th at noon to enter your beer in the competition. NO BEERS WILL BE ACCEPTED THE DAY OF THE EVENT THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED.
You must be an AHA Member to enter or to taste/judge the day of the rally. Wouldn't you know it? You can join that day at the door!
Stone cannot accept recipes for fruit beers, bacterially soured beers, Brettanomyces beers or beers requiring extended aging (more than 60 days), etc.
You must be located in one of the following counties: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino or Riverside
You need to submit six 22oz bottles or twelve 12oz bottles for judging. Submitting on draft is allowed, but you must bring your own draft system or bronco pump.
It is very possible that the winning beer will be selected as the beer that will be brewed, but that is not a guarantee – for instance if the winning beer is a “sour beer” it is unlikely that Stone would be able to recreate that beer. Regardless, the winning brewer will be able to select the recipe and work directly with Mitch Steele to create the beer.
Usual bottle entry guidelines apply: Every bottle must be brown or green glass and be free of paper labels. Raised “No Deposit” or bottle manufacturing codes are acceptable. Raised brewery lettering on bottles are acceptable but not encouraged. Obliterate any lettering or graphics on the cap with a permanent black marker. Corked bottles meeting the above restrictions are acceptable; however, you must crimp a crown cap over the cork. Bottles with a stopper and wire cage are acceptable. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.


We're encouraging participants to drop off their beers early with this form to the Stone Company Store. They'll be checked in, and you'll need to sign that we have recieved them.

If you cannot turn in your beers beforehand please be sure to show up a little early on Saturday, March 21st, so we can check you, and your beers in on time.

If you can't make it in beforehand click here to email us your registration form.