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In bringing together artisans from disparate aural planes, one might expect an offbeat, feedback-warped cacophony, shrill to the point of unlistenable. Yet, by inviting Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboardist for eclectic, jam-prone sextet, The String Cheese Incident, and Keri Kelli, wailing rock guitarist of Alice Cooper fame, we were able to make truly beautiful music. Turns out, these musicians have a great deal in common, both with each other and with Stone. We all enjoy turning things up to 11, and that is represented in this collaborative offering, an imperial India pale ale ably backed by Nugget, Comet and Calypso hops, and amplified care of a healthy dry-hopping with Vic's Secret, a new Australian hop, adding citrus and tropical fruit oomph. To give this modern masterpiece some soulful, classic character, we traced the roots of brewing to the days when Old World herbs were used to spice beers, adding in coriander and, a first for us, elderberries. To stand up to that sumptuous spice and blaring bitterness, we added golden naked oats, which are lightly roasted and add body and enhanced mouthfeel to the brew like a steady, unbreakable backbeat to an incendiary jam solo. Sit back, crank the volume and get lost in this operatic incarnation of genres combined in the name of invention.

Try Kyle Hollingsworth/Keri Kelli/Stone Collective Distortion IPA before the national release! Stop by one of the locations below.

May 17 San Diego, CA | North Park Festival of Arts University Ave (30th to 32nd)
Guests attending the Craft Beer Block will receive 13 four-ounce tasters of more than 30 San Diego craft brews. The Stone booth will be pouring Kyle Hollingsworth/Keri Kelli/Stone Collective Distortion IPA.
May 18 Kahului, HI | Maui Brewers Festival @ Maui Arts & Cultural Center
The Maui Brewers Festival showcases some of the best craft beers made around the world, and Kyle Hollingsworth/Keri Kelli/Stone Collective Distortion IPA will be a part of the lineup. General admission tickets include eight beer samples and generous pupu platters.
May 19 National Bottle and Draft Release
May 30-31 Las Vegas, NV | 5th Annual Stone Domination @ Aces & Ales
Every year, Aces & Ales puts together an impressive array of Stone specialty, year-round and vintage brews to showcase at their Stone Domination event. This time, Kyle Hollingsworth/Keri Kelli/Stone Collective Distortion IPA will be part of the lineup. Join collaborator and hard-rock guitarist Keri Kelli and Brewmaster Mitch Steele for a pour of the newly released beer.
August 16 San Marcos, CA | Stone 18th Anniversary Celebration
& Invitational Beer Festival @ CSUSM
11am - 6pm Featuring: Team Stone

By Brewmaster Mitch Steele


Pours deep gold with light haze and a rich creamy head.


An interesting blend of floral, citrus, stone fruit and coriander. The elderberries provide a fruity, earthy component and the coriander blends well with the lemon aspects of the Vic’s Secret hop.


Coriander comes through first, followed by the abundant blend of fruity flavors—elderberry earthiness, berry notes and citrusy hop notes—against a sturdy malt backbone.


The beer is dry and smooth with a nice lingering bitterness.


Developing this beer with two professional musicians from such different backgrounds was a fun and unique experience. Besides loving to play music, the three of us also share a common love for craft beer, so we were all excited to combine music and brewing. The jam sessions with Team Stone after each brew day were awesome, and it was an honor to share the “stage” with Kyle and Keri. The historic throwback of using elderberries to spice the beer, in addition to hops, was an interesting choice and makes this beer distinct and unique.

Tasting Notes, provided by
Brewmaster Mitch Steele

Suggested food parings, provided by
"Dr." Bill Sysak

About Stone Collaborations

Sure, we're a bunch of Arrogant Bastards, but we humbly admit that we were inspired to start brewing by other fantastic breweries and homebrewers. There are a whole lot of fellow craft brewers who we respect and admire, and who we've wanted to collaborate with. So why just dream about it? Starting in 2008, we released a new series of collaboration beers. The goal was to get three brewers from three different breweries to put their heads together and have some fun with no regard for boundaries. No restrictions on fitting a beer into a lineup, using familiar ingredients, conforming to preconceived beer styles, using tested procedures in the brewing process or even affordability. Each of these beers is the result of three brewers coming together and doing what they love. Therefore, many of our collaborations include ridiculous amounts of decadent ingredients without regard for shelf price. And because our collaborations are usually only brewed once, they can be rather difficult to find, and once they run out-they run out. Consider yourself warned.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on these liquid tributes to the spirit of camaraderie, you'll agree that the end result is worth it.