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Dyehards for Charity 2012

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary with the biggest craft beer festival in Southern California! This celebration is also our biggest annual fundraiser, and we've raised over $1 million since 1997. To help us raise even more funds for local charities, every two years we dye our hair a ridiculous color in order to bring in even more donations. We want you to be a part of the fundraising mayhem!

Frequently asked questions

Q: So what the hell is it?

A: A fundraiser! Offbeat and over-the-top, like Stone beers. You promise to dye your hair red; other people make donations to see it happen. 100% of the funds you collect will be divided equally among four local charities. Simple!

Q: Why red?

A: It's the color of our Stone 16th Anniversary IPA label and the Stone 16th Anniversary Celebration & Invitational Beer Festival theme. Besides, your friends/family/co-workers are more likely to pledge if there's an entertaining payoff…like seeing you with clown-red hair.

Q: Can I dye my hair some other color and still raise money for charity?

A: Sure, just not at our party. It's your right as an American to dye your hair any way you want, but the Arrogant Bastard wants red.

Q: I'm a highly respected businessperson who deals with very important clients every day at my very prestigious job. What would my clients think?

A: Remind your clients that you are not merely a businessperson, but also a dedicated philanthropist, donating your time, energy and scalp to a worthy cause. Get their pledges and you'll not only have their respect and understanding, you'll have their support too!

Q: "My friend" is bald but wants to participate. What can he do?

A: Tell “your friend” that if he can dye any hair on his person red and get someone to make a pledge to see it, he's in! We don't want hair loss to cause a loss of donations.

Q: Where does the money go?

A: ALL (read: 100%) of the funds collected will be divided equally among four local charities: Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos, the San Diego Blood Bank and the Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County. Stone will pick up the cost for the promotion.

Q: My Aunt Marge is afraid to do financial transactions online; who should she make the check payable to?

A: Cash and checks are no problem. Just make sure to tell Aunt Marge that if she wants a tax break for her donation she must make the check payable to one of the four charities, not Stone Brewing Co. See the next question for more about tax deductions.

Q: Are donations tax deductible, whether they are online or by cash/check?

A: In most cases, checks and online donations are tax deductible. Cash and online donations are tax-deductible; please download charity receipts above. To get a tax deduction for a check donation, donors must make the check directly payable to one of the four recipient charities. Please visit their websites for the proper non-profit tax ID numbers. Unfortunately, if a check is made out to Stone Brewing Co. it is NOT tax-deductible. We're not a charity!

Q: When and where do I drop off cash and check donations??

A: Cash and checks can be collected in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Attention: Dyehards" and submitted by Wednesday, August 22nd in one of three ways:

  1. In person at the 16th Anniversary Celebration (Stone HQ booth)
  2. At the Stone Company Store in Escondido
  3. By mailing to: Stone Brewing Co., 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029

Participating Salons

106 West Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025


Call to schedule an appointment: 760.741.5638

Does your salon want to be part of this noble mission by offering a special deal to Dyehards?
Contact media@stonebrewing.com!

Supporting Materials

Pledge Form / Brochure

Download the pledge form/brochure (it's one document) and start taking pledges now!

Download pledge form

Donation Receipts

People always ask if they can write this off on their taxes, so we made these handy dandy receipts with tax ID numbers for you.
Tax receipt download