Guidelines: Homebrew your own version of a previous Stone Vertical Epic Ale to be judged by the "official tasting panel" at Stone. You can find the homebrewing recipes here:

Parameters: Each year we will accept homebrewed versions of our Vertical Epic Ales from years past (i.e. in 2004 you can brew the 02 or the 03, in 2005 you can brew the 02, 03, or the 04, etc...). You must adhere as close to the online recipe as possible --- remember you are trying to make a "Stone clone" and Head Brewer Lee's advise in the posted recipes will need to be taken into account if you wish to impress the judges!

Dates: The homebrewed versions will need to be turned in one year, one month, and one day from the previous years release (i.e. all 2004 submissions need to be turned in by 04.04.04, 2005 submissions by 05.05.05, etc...)

What Happens: Each version will be judged in a blind tasting by the "Stone tasting panel" and the winner will be announced one month and one day afterwards (i.e. 2004 winner will be announced on 05/05/04) and given a certificate suitable for framing and a Stone Brewing workshirt.

How you do this: All entries must be turned in by contacting Chris Cochran first. You can reach him at 760.471.4999 x123 or by emailing him at He will coordinate with you on how to turn in your homebrewed versions of the Stone Vertical Epic Ale. Each person can turn in one version of each year's recipe (i.e. 2004 = maximum of two entries: 02 & 03) and you must turn in a minimum of 3, 12oz bottles or 2, 22oz bottles.

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