Stone Beer Week in Chicago
Stone Beer Week-Chicago…where do we even begin? The outpouring of support from the beer fans, publicans, and restaurateurs of the Windy City was almost unbelievable (in fact, if we hadn’t seen it ourselves, we wouldn’t have thought it possible.) The remarkable events hosted by nearly three-dozen of Chicago’s preeminent bars and restaurants were an unqualified success, and for that we owe a deep debt of gratitude to our hugely impressive hosts and relentlessly enthusiast fans. So, keep on rockin’ Chicago, you showed us one hell of a time.

Wait, what was that? You want proof that Stone Beer Week-Chicago was as epic as we say it was? Well since you insist…

• After the first 3 days of Stone Beer Week-Chicago, The Second City was already our 5th largest market…of the year. In total, we sent 7 semis full of beer to Chicago for the kick-off.

• Our Easter Sunday event at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods—the third largest Whole Foods in the world—was the store’s biggest single beer sales day ever, beating out even Super Bowl Sunday, even though the event only lasted 3 hours.

• After Stone’s founding in 1996, it took us 3 years to get our 300th tap handle. By contrast, we got our 300th tap handle in Chicago 5 days into Stone Beer Week-Chicago.

• Our kick-off event at the Twisted Spoke, which has been open for over 15 years, was their biggest day ever. Ever.

• At Finnigan’s Irish Pub, which set a record for the most Stone taps in one place at one time with 30 (outside of our Bistro), ran through 200 tasting flights of Stone beer…in the first 10 minutes.

All of which is to say that Chicago’s beer fans, bars, and restaurants are most certainly Worthy. Thank you again, Chicago, we’ve never seen anything like it.
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What the press is saying...
"Neither Stone Brewing nor their distributor expected the reaction of their beer reaching Chicago that they eventually received."
"Stone's kickoff week is unlike anything Chicago's seen before, with most of the city's top beer bars and liquor stores pouring Stone brews and hosting special events."
-Metromix Chicago
"The Chicago area was obviously waiting a long time for this, as [fans] came out in droves during Stone Beer Week-Chicago which was April 1-8."
-Daily Brew Ha Ha
"For a full week, [Stone] pounded the streets and filled up the cities tap lines. 300+ taps in and around the city and many, many events made for a very exciting launch!"
-DRAFT Magazine
Stone Beer Week-Chicago Events