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We humbly admit that we were inspired to start brewing by other fantastic breweries and homebrewers. There are a whole lot of fellow craft brewers who we respect and admire, and who we've wanted to collaborate with. So why just dream about it? Starting in 2008, we released a new series of collaboration beers. The goal was to get three brewers from three different breweries to put their heads together and have some fun with no regard for boundaries. No restrictions on fitting a beer into a lineup, using familiar ingredients, conforming to preconceived beer styles, using tested procedures in the brewing process or even affordability. Each of these beers is the result of three brewers coming together and doing what they love. Therefore, many of our collaborations include ridiculous amounts of decadent ingredients without regard for shelf price. And because our collaborations are usually only brewed once, they can be rather difficult to find, and once they run out-they run out. Consider yourself warned.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on these liquid tributes to the spirit of camaraderie, you'll agree that the end result is worth it.

Juli Goldenberg/Monkey Paw/Stone

24 Carrot Golden Ale

Release date: October 5th, 2015


  • Juli Goldenberg | Winner, Stone Homebrew Competition
  • Cosimo Sorrentino | Head Brewer, Monkey Paw Brewing Company
  • Mitch Steele Brewmaster, Stone Brewing Co.

Style: Belgian-Style Ale

Alc/Vol: 8.5%

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