Stone Do These Hops Make My Beer Look Big? IPA

Stone Do These Hops Make My Beer Look Big? IPA


Can you imagine what Stone Brewing would be like without hops? Neither can we! We’d like to think we’ve done as right by this bitter botanical as it has by us. So, what makes this one-time-only imperial IPA unique? Experimental hops! We dabbled with a number of new varietals, including HBC 291, which we brewed with for the very first time. Get your nose in that glass and take in the complex assortment of vivid aromatic sensations in the bouquet, followed by flavors that are simultaneously citrus-like, foresty and altogether scrumptious. This gem was an IPA unique and special enough to serve as the official beer of the 2015 American Hop Convention…and the official IPA of you!

About This Beer

Release Date
January 19, 2015
Package Types
22oz Bottles & Draft

Tasting Notes

Featured Hops
Experimental HBC 291