bubble gargoyle
bubble gargoyle

Stone 11th Anniversary Ale

Black India Pale Ale

A year. That simple word seems totally inadequate to even attempt to encapsulate the past 12 months. Good thing I suppose, or there would be no need for any other text on this bottle (those that would prefer it that way may feel free to stop here). This time last year saw us feeling our way around our new brewery, reveling in the space. It was positively roomy. And new. And shiny. These days, it’s still new and the continual additions of stainless steel have guaranteed an environment quite convivial to shine, but how the roominess has gone—or where—surpasses comprehension. It was just here. Really. And now we’re all bungholes to elbows again. “It’s too soon to be running out of space!” we cry collectively. That space, wherever it went does not answer our cries. Not even a postcard. So we squeeze. Things are all roomy and comfy and earthy on “the other side of the glass” in the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, which finally opened to squeals of delight and affront late last year. The initial and sometimes quite rancorous debate among a select minority over the intentional eclecticism of our menu has waned and given way to a vibrant and energetic clamor for more. The garden set its roots in and took a big leap forward this spring and summer with lots of new growth.

“So what’s up with this year’s anniversary ale?” I asked Steve as he was walking by my office. After a fairly significant pause,  he said, “Well...we got back on that IPA horse last year, and we thought we’d enjoy riding it a little longer. It’s been very good to us.” Then he walked away back into his office. “That’s it?” I yelled after him. “That’s all you’re going to give me?” He leaned back into my doorway and responded with a “Yep” and a grin before disappearing again. Looks like we’re going to be kept in the dark with this IPA. Pitch dark.


Release Date
September 8, 2007

Tasting Notes

Deep brown/black with a thick tan head of foam.
Grapefruit rind, a little piney, some tropical fruit and some coffee-like roasted malt flavors.
Resinously hoppy, roasted, a bit sweet, with a bit of alcohol warmth
Smooth, full, slightly sweet and very bitter
Deceptively refreshing, with a nice blend of intense hop flavors, hop bitterness and roasted malt notes. It’s very tasty now, drink this one fresh!
Provided by
Mitch Steele