bubble gargoyle
bubble gargoyle

Stone 3rd Anniversary IPA

Double India Pale Ale

"This beer takes hops to the ridiculous" is what we wrote ont he back of our 2nd Anniversary IPA. This year, I wasn't exactly sure how to describe how far we have taken hops. So when brewer Lee walked by as I was writing this label I called out, "Hey Lee! Tell me something I can say about the 3rd Anniversary IPA." Lee stopped for a moment, leaned against the door (it had been a long day of brewing) and said "Well, it was a bitch to brew." Indeed. You see, it's hard to put that many hops into a beer, but we had no choice. We'd painted ourselves in a corner by promising everyone who worshipped our 2nd Anniversary IPA (which had double the amount of hops as usual) that we would use triple the usual hops in our 3rd Anniversary IPA. At the time, we didn't stop to worry that we didn't know exactly how we were going to do it. Nevertheless, anyone out there that knows us here at Stone knows that if we say we're gonna add triple the hops, then we'll add triple the hops. We promised it. All we had to do was figure out how to do it. The fact that you're holding this bottle means that we figured it out. Pucker up baby, this brew packs one heckuva hop punch (and then some!). In fact, it is a hop punch. As far as the 4th Anniversary IPA goes, we won't say how we'll brew it, but you can certainly rest assured it will be BIG.


Release Date
September 25, 1999