bubble gargoyle
bubble gargoyle

Stone 4th Anniversary IPA

Double India Pale Ale

"This beer takes hops to the ridiculous" is what we wrote on the back of our 2nd Anniversary IPA. And on the 3rd Anniversary IPA bottle we wrote, "Pucker up baby, this brew packs one heckuva hop punch (and then some!)." See, in comparison to our original Stone IPA recipe, we doubled the bittering hops for the 2nd anniversary, and we tripled 'em for the 3rd. So what do we have to say for ourselves this year? Bring on the insanity and bring on even more hops! For the 4th Anniversary IPA, we not only added more hops than last year, we threw in a little extra malt as well. The result? Well, let's just say that if hops were radioactive, you'd glow like a firefly after just one sip. Of course, hops have never been conclusively proven to be radioactive. No matter. We still think you're gonna glow anyway.

Philosophy: We all know what when it comes to brewing, our team of brewers here at Stone know a great deal about creating some amazing beers. Still on more than one occasion we've all too willingly tossed "conventional wisdom" out the window in the pursuit of the truly extraordinary and unique. You'll find the Stone 4th Anniversary IPA to be no exception as there was no "conventional wisdom" to be found anywhere in the brewery on the day that we crafted this gem.


Release Date
September 23, 2000