Stone 9th Anniversary Ale

Stone 9th Anniversary Ale

Strong Ale

As has been a tradition, we have “Anniversary-ized” a recipe from our history by cranking it up, making it stronger and more assertive. With this year’s anniversary we decided to look back at a wheat beer that we released a couple of spring/summers a few years ago: Stone Heat Seeking Wheat. While it was a plenty tasty beer, we ultimately decided that it wasn’t that reflective of what Stone was all about, and we unceremoniously dropped it from our lineup. For the Stone 9th Anniversary Ale, we carried some of the characteristics from the Stone Heat Seeking Wheat–clear, not hazy; hoppy, not yeasty; combining a delicious hop bitterness and wheat tartness–and made some…well…adjustments.  

About This Beer

Release Date
September 10, 2005
Package Types
22oz Bottles & Limited Draft

Tasting Notes

Provided by
Lee Chase
Head Brewer
The Stone 9th Anniversary Ale is not necessarily an easy summer drinking beer: Its light straw color and mouthwatering hop aroma may lead you to think it’s the perfect way to beat the heat. But most wheat beers don’t weigh in at 7.8% ABV.
Very hoppy, floral, and fruity, with touches of bubblegum, pear, and fruit cocktail. The wheat gives a little tartness reminiscent of sour apple candy. This beer is dry-hopped with equal parts Amarillo and Crystal hops, which gives it such a great hoppy aroma.
A big hoppy/pear/floral sensation upfront, with a clean spiciness like a touch of pepper that gives way to some tart, earthy flavors from the wheat. Bitterness is high, but balanced, and vanishes fairly quickly.
Full-bodied with heavy coating mouthfeel. Carbonation is good.
Lively carbonation and medium body make this beer feel refreshing. Hops lightly attack the tongue, yet the finish is very soft and clean. Dangerously delicious.