close-up on Maui / Stone "Aloha! Berlin"
close-up on Maui / Stone "Aloha! Berlin"

Maui / Stone "Aloha! Berlin"

Imperial Coconut Porter

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Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch first met Maui Brewing founder Garrett Marrero in 2006 in Seattle during the Craft Brewers Conference. The two became fast friends and their companies have enjoyed collaborating in many different ways over the years since.

With this special beer, Garrett & Greg introduce you to the welcoming spirit of the Aloha State. Echoing their past collaborations, this beer abounds with ingredients familiar to the islands—rich coffee and pounds of hand-toasted coconut—and introduces hazelnuts into the mix. The result is deeply rooted in Hawaii, San Diego, Europe and friendship, capturing the true essence of the word “aloha,” which also means on a deeper level “joyfully sharing life.” So sit back and slip into island time with this imperial beauty. Cheers, prost & ‘okole maluna!


Release Date
November 17, 2016
Special Ingredients
Hand-Toasted Coconut, Maui Coffee & Hazelnuts