The Alchemist / Ninkasi / Stone More Brown Than Black IPA close-up
The Alchemist / Ninkasi / Stone More Brown Than Black IPA close-up

The Alchemist / Ninkasi / Stone More Brown Than Black IPA

India Pale Ale

IPA, in American Craft Brew lexicon, has come to mean so much more than a hoppy British-style ale designed for export. Brewing an IPA is an opportunity for today's craft brewers to showcase the magnificence and versatility of the hop, and to explore the wonderful aromas and flavors that the myriad of hop varieties can provide to ales. It is without a doubt the most exciting ale style for me to brew.

I am thrilled to brew this brown (not quite black) IPA with John Kimmich and Jamie Floyd. John is a New England brewing legend, and one of the very first brewers of the black IPA (a style we have come to love here at Stone) at the Vermont Pub and Brewery, and now at The Alchemist. And Jamie's Oregon roots are no less impressive; his hop forward offerings at Ninkasi have been favorites of ours for a long time. The fact that the proceeds of this collaboration are going to help Vermont victims of Hurricane Irene (like John himself) is icing on the cake.

For this ale, we used only newer hop varities. They were hard to get but totally worth the effort: Nelson Sauvin and Delta for flavor, and a dry-hop with Galaxy and Citra. Have fun tasting and enjoying these wonderful fruity, herbal and spicy hop flavors!

Mitch Steele, Brewmaster
Stone Brewing Co.
November 2011

Proceeds: Donated to the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund, a nonprofit organization aiding victims of Tropical Storm Irene.


Release Date
December 19, 2011

Tasting Notes

Deep brown, a bit hazy, with tan foam.
Whoa! This beer is all about resiny, piney, dank and citrusy hops! The first shot is intense blend of pine and orange rind, and then as your sense of smell just starts to recover, the dankness and resiny herbaceousness come through with hints of grapefruit. This is a powerful hop blend!
The hops also dominate the flavor of this beer. Orange and grapefruit rind take center stage in the flavor, followed by, you guessed it: piney/resiny notes. The beer has a modest body...not sweet at all...and has a lingering bitter, drying end. Beyond the bitter end there are light hints of roasted malt and chocolate in the finish.
The hop character in this beer is unique and very pronounced. Galaxy is a newer hop variety from Australia that we think has strong tropical fruit and stone fruit characteristics. Citra and Delta are newer American hop varieties: Citra possesses strong citrus and dank flavors, while Delta has a milder profile with melon and berry notes. And of course Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand has its intense namesake's white wine notes along with—surprise!—more dank notes. They all blended together well in this beer, a tribute to one of our favorite styles.
Provided by
Mitch Steele

Pairing Notes

Roquefort pear salad, fried chicken, vegetable chili, roasted pork, Thai satay with peanut sauce
Aged Cheddar, aged Gruyère or Comté, raw sheep's milk cheese such as Abbaye de Belloc or Etorki
Apple pie, gingerbread, carrot cake
Amilcar Perez Castro Robusto, Montecristo No. 2, Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Tres Mystique, Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art
Provided by
"Dr." Bill Sysak
Craft Beer Ambassador