inside the brewery
inside the brewery

Alesmith / Mikkeller / Stone Belgian Style Triple Ale

Belgian-Style Tripel

This is a story of how a collaboration brew with–IMO–two of the greatest breweries on this planet initially began with a “fizzy yellow beer.” It all started in Denmark in the late 90’s when a group of friends and I started going to a bar in our neighborhood that sold a bucket of imported beers. My first love was (yikes) an American fizzy yellow beer......Well, things have changed since..... We learned that there was SO much more when we discovered American craft beer and we were soon to never touch the fizzy yellow stuff again! When American craft beers came to interest and with the birth of the first Danish microbreweries, so came the birth of my wanting to brew my own beer. I got together with Kristian (Keller) and we started brewing in our kitchen in 2003. As the beer scene progressed more and more US microbrews found their way to Denmark and we started downing beers from far away breweries such as Stone, AleSmith, Three Floyds, etc and they all blew our minds.......I thought; what’s the heck is going on in Denmark??...why isn’t anybody brewing these kinds of ales? And so Mikkeller was born... It’s been a couple years now and things has moved faster than the speed of lightning. Ok let’s get to the case...why are you sitting here in with an ale brewed in friendly collaboration between two US and one Danish brewery in your hand?? Because the world is a small place and because I am one of the luckiest brewers on the planet. Since tasting the wonderful nectars of the US my dream has been to brew with some of the best brewers on the planet and this ale is the result of realizing this dream. It’s a result of a fizzy yellow eventually tuning me into US beers and getting me tuned into Stone and AleSmith. 

- Mikkel Bjergsø


Release Date
August 5, 2008