“Bittersweet” is a good way to describe the feedback we’ve received from our fans over the last year and a half since the release of 2007’s Stone 11th Anniversary Ale. Bittersweet. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. The term is quite descriptive of the beer itself, of course, as it aptly describes the flavors of the esteemed big hopped, high gravity IPA with roasted malts. But the word “bittersweet” applies in other ways as well.

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale Bottle

First of all, receiving unsolicited rants and raves from our fans whenever we release a new beer is undoubtedly a pretty sweet thing. (Truth is, those of us here at Stone just can’t get enough of hearing how great we are!) Yeah, that’s sweet. The accolades bestowed specifically upon Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, however, have been tempered in large part by the sobering—and yes, in many instances, bitter—acknowledgment that this wonderful, ebony-hued gem had all but disappeared from the shelves shortly after its debut, likely never to be seen again.

People begged and pleaded for its return in their calls and emails, and I did my best to break it to them gently. Stone Anniversary Ales are like comets, I would explain, bursting forth gloriously but all too briefly from the heavens—and then exiting beyond our earthly dispensation, leaving us wistfully agape in thirsty wonder…or some damn thing like that. The point is, we’re sorry kids, that’s just the way it is sometimes. Sigh…but not all the time!

So, to all those who still mourn the passing of the late, great Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, it’s time to wipe away those tears and crack open this bottle of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale. Go ahead, do it. Hmmm…taste familiar? Brace yourself, bereaved fans of Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, for your joyous new day has finally come! It’s like your first crush--you know, the one who broke your heart when she/he decided to go to the junior prom with what’s-their-name--has suddenly come back to you to go for a cruise down the main drag on Friday night. It’s like…it’s like finding that long lost gold watch, given to you by your father, who got it from his father, who got it from his father. It’s like when your best buddy in the world, Sam the family dog, finally sauntered up the front porch steps one sunny afternoon after having been on a six-week runaway. Yes, it’s just like that.

And it’s like this: A brilliantly hopped double IPA--providing a wake up call of floral and citrus aromas--backed up by a deliciously smooth and dark roasted maltiness. You get the best of both worlds with this black double IPA. Remember, though, this is one of our Limited Releases (like Stone Cali-Begique IPA) that we fit it into the brewing schedule whenever we can. It has begun showing up on draft only in Southern California, but will slowly be making make its way to other areas across the country. Keep your eye out for 22 ounce bottles showing up in January, and check our distribution page for where they're heading. Be sure to savor the moment when this Sublime brew comes your way, and don't be afraid to feel a little Self-Righteous. After all, you have impeccable taste.

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Thank you SANTA STONE!!! That's the best gift EVERRRRR!!! I have been looking forward to this day since my lips first touched this dark lovely sweetness...

Now if you guys would rerelease the Stone 10th, I could get excited. I felt the 11th was the least exciting of the last 4 yrs.

I am looking forward to the "new" brew, but I REALLY liked the 10th Anniv. a lot more.

My real question is, when is Stone going to produce a dark-beer of SOME kind year-round??????

We've offered Stone Smoked Porter year 'round for 12 years as of this month. You can find it here...

It's my favorite out of our year 'round beers.

This by far(11th)was the best Anniversary issue. I'm glad you guys are bringing it back for another go-around.

I concurr on the 10th anniversary. Please, oh pretty please bring back the 10th anniversary IPA. I finished my last bottle about 6 months ago and really really miss it.

Thank you Stone Brewing. The 11th was one of my favorite Anny ales and I always wished I had more. Hopefully this gem makes it to the east coast.

Again, bravo Stone, you rock!


Awesome 11th was a tasty treat, but here's one more begging pleading pretty please with hops on top bring back the 10th anniversary in some form.

Thank you Stone Brewing for granting us another go-round with this truly unique and original IPA. I still have two of these squirreled away and was afraid of opening them in fear of wasting away such sweet deliciousness, but now my prayers have been answered! [a tingling spine and a single tear]

it's my cuz's eric.p 25th B-DAY & he is chill'in @ stone Good Times...thanks to farrah HTGF

The 11th was, well... okay.

The 10th was really special. BRING BACK THE 10TH!

yumyumyumyumyum! I forgot this tasted this good! Was soooo used to having the aged 11th! yumyumyumyum!

My town still has 11th anniversary on the shelves of some stores

I would also like to throw in my vote for a comeback of the 10th Anniversary IPA. It's arguably (argued all the time by me) the best beer ever brewed. I purchased a 3-liter bottle when it came out and saved it until this past October (2008). Some good friends visited me in Denver and took in the GABF. We cracked that bottle at noon on the first day of the festival and really enjoyed the hell out of that beer. Talk about bitter sweet ... as much as I enjoyed drinking it, I sure hated to see it go.

is the new SSRA being distributed outside of Cali in 22oz bottles? please say yes!

Thanks Mike for your answer, but unfortunately I have to say that I've never been impressed enough by the Porter to make it a regular thing. I'm hoping some day you folks will grace us with something heartier on a daily basis instead of yearly. Until then, Ruination IPA and AB will keep me going between Dark brew releases. :)

Oh yeah, and I absolutely agree with the 10th Anniv crowd! Incredible stuff. However, I'm looking forward to the Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, and it will be in and out of my fridge very soon.

Rejoice! Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale will indeed be distributed outside of California in 22 oz. bottles. Check our distribution page for more info: http://www.stonebrew.com/about_us/distributors/index.html

Also, it seems your wishes have been granted (partially). For this week's Saturday Night Special in the Stone Company Store, we will have...(drum roll)...Stone 10th Anniversary IPA on tap for growler fills! If you're within driving distance, don't miss out!

I just want to thank everyone @ stone for doing such a marvelous job. I love driving an hour and a half just to get some fresh brew, it's like going to the big mouses house for me, I just want to say I love stone.

I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I still look back through the Anniversary Ales and remember the 4th Anniversary XXXXIPA as my favourite in the series. I'm sure my memory and my palate (and the memory of my palate) have surely somewhat lost recollection of the specifics of the beer, yet I remember it still 7 years later... It was when I was first getting into good craft beer, and I can't help but wonder how it would measure up today?

I love the 11th and its ages well but bring the tenth back pretty please. The tenth is the best beer ever brewed in all history. I love the tenth. Please. Please. Please. I go to get the tenth every time you have it available at your brewery and I live in L.A.

This is the more practical solution to enjoying great beer. In these poor economic times, I just can't see building a time machine, just to drink the best beer Stone has ever made.

bring back the 10th anniversary! man that was the best i think i have ever experienced! i was seriously havin withdrawal symptoms when i ran out! bring it back! yeah!

Thank you for bring back the 11th. Not only was it a great ale, but it was a unique idea. I will buy it frequently whenever it is available.

I enthusiastically join the others in requesting the return of the 10th. One of my favorites.

I've been bugging my local stores to get some of this in stock for a few weeks now. Any chance this will be making it's way to Akron OH? I remember loving the XI anniversary, please send some SSRA my way.

Chris, keep bugging your local stores and check here http://tinyurl.com/dmgo36 for more information on how to acquire Stone in Ohio. Good luck!

Welllllll, I've been waiting, waiting, waiting... And not a drop of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale has reached No. California as far as I can tell. I've checked all the stores, made calls, at least once a week, and everyone keeps saying "next Tuesday". Has it already sold and been horded?

No thanks!

Call me when you re-release the 10th Anniversary Double IPA. This brew set the benchmark for an out-of-the-box unique flavor. I have not experienced longer growler-fill waiting lines for any other Stone Brew. If hops driven cost is the issue, don't worry, brew it and they will come.

Just discovered Stone Beers. I must be living right.

Thank you. Life is good.


Your 11th anniversary brew was tasty, as were all the others, but topping Firestone Walker's anniversary ales is going to be difficult. If your up to the challenge, then good luck. But hey, 2nd place isn't all that bad, and it's not like you're a distant 2nd...

Love your beer. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Hello, I'm a member of the UK's Campaign for Real Ale. (CAMRA). A couple of questions for you: Delighted to discover traditional brewing is popular in your country.
Where abouts is your brewery and are your beers available all over the United States? Do you by any chance attend or send your wares over to the CAMRA annual national and international Beer Fest at Earls Court in London held every August?


Joe, I've never had a Firestone Walker since pale ales are NOT my thing, but if I liked it I sure wouldn't troll other brewery's web sites to leave metaphorical flaming bags of poo on the front porch. Nice job!

I do not work for Stone, I just really love their beer. In fact, I really wish I could find more of the Special Releases up here in Stone Distribution's Red-Headed Step-Child of Northern California...

RE: Roy, we at Stone Brewing Co. salute you and the other members of CAMRA for your unflagging efforts in preserving a fine brewing tradition. Indeed, here in the States we feel we too have made some strides in getting back to brewing basics and bringing folks out of their previously benighted state of “lite” beer guzzling. Of course, there’s still much work to be done in that regard…

But I digress.

We have made a few special shipments to the UK, and last spring even sent two of our own brewers over to share their secrets with the brewers at the Shepherd Neame brewery in Kent. The beer they brewed, Stone California Double IPA, was subsequently entered in the 2008 International Real Ale Festival—not the event you refer to, but a great event involving CAMRA nevertheless—and from what I hear, made quite an impression on your countrymen.

So, while I can’t say exactly when the next batch of our beer is headed Across the Pond, I can say that we always look forward to sharing our brews with those who are worthy, and hope that you’ll drop by for a visit if you are ever out in Southern California—where the sun is currently shining, a gentle breeze is blowing, and the temperature is a magical 78° F/19° C. Oh, and did I mention all that delicious beer…?

Here's yet another vote to bring back the 10th anniversary IPA. I can honestly say that was just about the best beer I have EVER tasted. Make no mistake, the eleventh was good, but the tenth completely curbstomped it.

I've missed this beer for so long, and to have it back makes me happy.

It's times like this I love being an alcoholic.

I just got a growler of this. Greatest beer ever! Combines the sweetness and hoppness of the greatest brewery of all time. My new fav! Congrats to crafting such an immaculate and perfect beer. I will rave about and promote as much as I can! Nice work.

Love this Beer!
Tasting new brews and some old at the Oregon Garden Beer festival this spring. Nothing compared to the greatness of Stones Black IPA.
Speaking to your sales representative there. I told him I had a beer comp/medals ceremony to attend. I brewed basically a clone of your IPA. He told me to come back afterwards. I did, waving a Silver medal! We talked of making a homebrew version of Self Righteous.
Let me know what you think of this Recipe and If Roasted malt is needed.
5 gal.
16.50 lbs 2 row
1.50 lbs Crystal 60
1.50 Carafa III
2 oz Chinook (60mins)
2 oz Simco (30mins)
1.50 oz Amarillo (5mins)
1.5 oz Simcoe/Amarillo blend (dry hop)

big slurry of 1056 wyeast

OG: 1.090
F.G. 1.23
IBU 96

I'm going to do my best to clone this beer for next winters drinking pleasures.

Hear this: finally, at the Costco down in Chula Vista (Rancho Del Rey location) you can buy the Stone 8 pack of 22 ounce bottles, which includes the wonderful Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale. Get it while the gettin' is good. Ruination is also included. We moved to the South Bay 10 years ago from North County and we have been lacking in a ready supply of fine Stone products. Cheers, Billy D

Many thanks!

I recently had growler of this stuff. Absolutely delicious!

know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I still look back through the Anniversary Ales and remember the 4th Anniversary XXXXIPA as my favourite in the series

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