Imagine an entire month devoted to hoppy beer. Hop cones, humulus lupulus, acids both alpha and beta celebrated with great fervor and the hoisting of many pints of double and triple India pale ales. It’s a most glorious scene for the mind’s eye to survey. Now open your eyes and ready your palate, because things are about to get really real courtesy of Stone Ruination Nation. This month-long, multi-faceted homage to the glory of hops kicked off on July 1 and will carry through the entire month! That’s right, we didn’t go with some lame, 28-day month. We specifically aimed for the first month offering 31 summery days so we could push things to the max under optimal IPA enjoyment conditions. Now all we need is for you to help make Stone Ruination Nation all it can be…and we promise to make it worth your while!


Stone Ruination Nation encompasses a great many things. Built to coincide with the annual release of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA, this month-long fermentation fest was designed so fans can enjoy this beer in tandem with its progenitor, Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0. (Well, actually Stone Ruination IPA was the beer upon which this brawnier offspring sprung, but let’s not split hop bines here—we’ll save our energy for drinking IPAs versus nitpicking them.) But why stop there? This is about taking things to the next level. As such, during the month of July, fans can find the following beers at some of the hundreds of craft beer bars and beer-centric restaurants celebrating Stone Ruination Nation across the country:

  • Double Dry-Hopped Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0
  • Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0 w/American Oak


At its core, Stone Ruination Nation is actually about more than just beer (though that’s plenty to celebrate all on its own). It’s also about bringing people together through beer. So in addition to using the beer finder on the Stone Ruination Nation website to figure out where to get some amazing imperial IPAs, fans can also use the event finder to learn when members of Team Stone will be at bars to talk beer and toast with the folks who’ve made these beers something worthy of 31 days of reveling. But there are other ways to get involved, too.


A trip to the Stone Ruination Nation website will provide access to an online “citizenship quiz” that, through the power of technology and Stone’s incredible psychological profiling skills, will tell you exactly what type of American imperial IPA imbiber you are, be that a Walking Hop-a-pedia, Hop Hipster, Hop-ortunist or any of the other species of beer lover our highly scientific research has discovered and classified. (See, we use that Stochasticity Project lab for lots of stuff!). Once the you-are-what-you-drink adage has been proven true, you can even share your results via social media. But don’t limit sharing to that. Tell the world about any and all things hoppy beer during the month of July using the hashtag #RuinationNation. And, of course, feel free to share a beer, too! Every shared experience helps accomplish the goal of connecting people through beer, so grab something ruinous and elevate the craft beer experience early and often this month!



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