Our Estate Hops

If you’ve ever enjoyed a leisurely beer in our Gardens, you may have noticed a few clusters of that magical flower that we embrace so ardently: Humulus lupulus—or the Hop. Not only do we jam our beers packed full of this heavenly little plant, but we also deck our Gardens with beautiful vines of Chinook Hops. September is a common harvesting time for Hops, and it just so happens that ours are about as ripe as they come. Our resident Botanical Wizard, Chili, is picking the cream of the crop from our Gardens today for later use in specialty casks. Whenever you see a cask in the Bistro or on our growler fill schedule with the words “Estate-grown hops” written next to it, you know exactly what you’re getting: fresh, organic Chinook Hops sustainably grown right here at Stone. Enjoy the stunning, Eden-like pictures, and raise a glass to the glory of the hop! -Matt Steele



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Hey Matt, not to be a biological geek here or anything, but your use of the scientific name for hops needs a little refining. When using a genus and species, the genus is capitalized and the species name begins with a lower case letter. It is also proper to either italicize the name or underline it. Therefore, hops should be designated as Humulus lupulus (and would be italicized or underlined if I could do that in this format).

Scientist and huge Stone fan,

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Thanks for keeping me honest, and for the brief lesson in scientific names. It should be correct now. Cheers!

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