Ken Wright Stone Brewing Co. is headed into another perfect storm! While we always like to give our brothers and sisters in craft brewing ample representation on our draft lineup at the Bistro, there are just too damn many of our own delicious brews taking up space in our cellar. That’s why, starting Sunday, February 7th, 2010, all 32+ taps at the Bistro bar will be devoted exclusively to some very special Stone beers. Digging into the cellar was never so tasty! 2010-SWS Now, if Sunday February 7th has a vaguely familiar ring to some of you, it’s no wonder: Stone Winter Storm kicks off the very same day as Super Bowl XLIV. WHAAH? Yeah, you heard us. They’re both on the very same day. Now before you go getting your Official NFL Snuggie all in a bunch, hear us out. While Stone Winter Storm does indeed start on a blessed day, it lasts for at least a whole blessed week, and GK and Dr. Bill have picked out plenty of treasured special vintages to be poured throughout the ongoing celebration. Therefore, we’d like to remind folks that the “camping-out-the night-before” approach really isn’t necessary in order to try some spectacular Stone offerings. 080129small So, feel like griping about an intense selection of special Stone brews? Fine. We’re happy to indulge you by receiving your complaints and/or concerns—but you’ll need to get it out of your system and get over it soon. We’ll be accepting your Game-related Gripes (below) for the next two weeks. After that, the complaint desk will close and you’ll just have to work through the cognitive dissonance on your own.

  • The official two week complaint period lasts from Wednesday, December 2nd - Wednesday, December 16th in the comments section below.
  • Check out the 2009 Stone Winter Storm lineup


Hey Ken... How can we have a winter storm here in sunny southern California? Anyways, love to take part in this unique event...
Now let me ask... Will there be something special at Stone during Super Bowl week if the San Diego Chargers are in it? I hope there is even though I am not a Charger fan....
PS... Love the way you took us on our tour during the 10 years of Stone Russian Imperial Stout...

For me, football ended north of the border last Sunday with the Grey Cup, so I am wanting in on this winter storm! Heck, I will even bring some snow for you to enjoy! After all, what is a winter storm without snow! How can I partake in this event? Please send information about 1)cheap flight from Buffalo, NY; 2)inexpensive local accommodation (any money saved will be spent at Stone's store and beer tickets!

This seems a bit shortsighted – what if the Chargers make it this year?! I know you don't watch football there at the bistro, but a lot of us like to. I've been to every Winter Storm on day one for good reason...some of the best beers sell out. Sadly, it looks like I'll be forced to change my tradition this year.

No complaints here dudes!! The AFC and NFC have nothing on Stone ABV!

Sounds great to me. I could care less about football. Glad to hear this. Maybe that means it will be pretty dead that day.

Wow! Look at those tap handles! Now that's a lineup. Is it Feb yet?

It'll be an early Valentine's Day for us! WOW. We can't wait to try all your delicious brews! Okay, well... maybe not ALL of them, but we'll certainly be giving it the old college try!

I wounder if the missus would treat me with a trip to US (from Sweden) as a Valentines gift? :D But then you have to promise to show NO SPORTS in the Bistro. ;)

Would it be too much to ask for a TV on the premises? If only to make fun of the Fizzy Yellow Beer commercials!

Beers > Games. That Simple. Besides who wears powder blue?

No fizzy yellow beer and no BooB TubE, just the way it should be.....

Can I make a why-does-Stone-have-to-be-so-far-away complaint? That pic of all the taps is hoppy heaven to me!

Hey, Sounds GREAT! We have always wanted to attend the STORM. We are coming from Vermont. Maybe we'll bring a Nor'easter with us. ( Thats a really wicked snow storm )

No complaints here. Sports sucks. Craft brew rocks. Don't care what the date is. I just can't wait to see the tap list. Cya there.

What happened to the Winter Storm being around Christmas and New Years? If I recall a few years ago it was around the 24th of Dec. That was a great time to have great beer. I only say this because I will be back in San Diego from the 16th of Dec-6 Jan and will miss the 7 Feb Winter Storm kick off. Damn you Marine Corps for taking me away from the Stone Brewery!!!

I'm with bongemonkey.....

To hell with superbowl sunday, let alone football.....Stone winter storm here we come!

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