Greg Koch Gets Air Time on UCTV

In addition to the guarantee of authenticity, a major benefit of wearing one’s emotions and opinions on their sleeves is that such individuals are ready at the drop of a hat—or the click of a camera’s “on” switch—to share their beliefs in a cogent and intelligent manner. Our CEO and Co-founder Greg Koch is never shy about sharing his views where quality and consumers are concerned. Recently, a camera crew from UCTV, the television faction of the University of California education system, engaged him unexpectedly at the debut of Bottled & Kegged, an exhibit at the San Diego History Center chronicling the rise of craft brewing in San Diego County. What resulted is the video below, which eloquently outlines GK’s passionate beliefs on what people should not only desire, but demand for themselves—something better, something with heart, something crafted to be the best.

UCTV also engaged prominent members of the San Diego craft brewing industry, bringing them together on a panel to discuss career opportunities within their burgeoning sect of the local economy. That panel included GK, Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey Director of Brewery Operations Tomme Arthur, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Co-founder and Head Brewer Yuseff Cherney and White Labs Founder Chris White. The panel spoke on why and how San Diego has become such a Mecca for American craft brewing, where the industry appears to be headed and how those looking to be involved can get a foothold.



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