Stone Delicious IPA


For those of you who may have spent a moment to appreciate the bottle artwork in your hand, like the beer itself, you might have realized this Stone-defining fact: The bottles represent our dedication to the beer. The thought, craft and ingredient selection behind each beer inspires us to share its story through the message and design. So when it comes to the method of applying the story and imagery to the bottles, we want to make sure we have the best system in place for each beer.


Our current printing process allows us to emblazon the story directly on the body and neck of the bottle, which is great for our seasonal and special releases. However, we saw an opportunity to use another decorative method, called PSL (stands for pressure sensitive labels), which we will start to introduce this year with some of our year-round (aka core) beers. PSL also lets us bring this side of production in-house and still deliver a quality bottle.

Stone Delicious Now & Before
Now (L) and Before (R)


In short, this technique enables us to operate a more energy efficient system and provides us with the opportunity for more design variations. With PSL our color palate can be expanded and hues will be brighter and more dynamic. What this new method really means for you is that we can package our beer faster and get it into your glass. Cheers!

 QUICK SUSTAINABILITY GEEK FACT: PSL creates one-sixth the amount of CO2 of other common label application methods (which is a big deal to us who work at a company that prides itself on being guided by such geekery and providing some relief for the environment).


We are stoked to be launching a better, modern bottling solution with 12oz bottles of Stone Delicious IPA. Even with this change in our bottle printing methods, know that Stone, our brewing philosophy and our quest for innovation will never change. 

Ultimately, we suspect that you’ll continue to be focused primarily on what’s inside our bottles and the stories behind our beers and less on the actual mechanics, but we hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to the whole darn package.

Delicious IPA
Now (L) and Before (R)