Berlin - Lasting Impressions & Negative Feedback

As often happens with conversations like that surrounding Stone Brewing - Berlin, the positive voices are frequently drowned out by the negativity of a few. However, one might suppose that the detractors deserve to be heard too. So, to encourage feedback from both camps, I offer this format….

Here is my blogpost in its entirety, and the place to leave your POSITIVE feedback. If you liked what we do, and would like to offer supportive words, that’s the place to do it. Note that ALL negative feedback will be removed from there.

Below, on this page, is the place to leave your NEGATIVE feedback. Note that ALL positive feedback will be removed. If you think I’m an idiot, let’s hear it. If I should go straight to hell, yep that too. If I clearly don’t understand the basics of the world, of beer of…whatever…you can tell me about it here. You’ll have an audience of the schaudenfruede-seekers. I won’t promise I’ll be one of ‘em.




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