It is hard to overstate the importance of drinking fresh beer. But it may not be immediately obvious to the uninitiated that beer is best served fresh in the first place. It is, after all, fermented, and fermented foods often get better with age. Kimchi, yogurt, miso, kefir, kombucha: these are foods whose quality depends on the serene patience of their creators, a willingness to let the invisible magic of fermentation happen at its own pace, and be ready to enjoy when it’s ready. Further complicating matters is the fact that some beers do indeed improve with a degree of age. Properly cellared (55 degrees or less, dark, cozy), beers on the robust, high ABV end of the spectrum can evolve & improve with time. The nine year-round beers we brew DO NOT fall into this category. They are—dare we say—delicate creatures that only express the full-spectrum of their brilliance when FRESH. Freshly brewed beer is bright & fragrant, with clean, well-defined flavors that reflect our brewer’s intent. Once expired, beer can become a sad, faded reflection of its former self, as age, oxygen, and light sinfully corrode the precious liquid. Drinking such beer can leave a less than favorable impression that’s hard to shake. For that reason, we go to tremendous, expensive lengths to ensure that fresh beer is available to you. But we can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we need YOU to join in the fight against expired beer. If you see expired beer on the shelf, report it to the proper authorities (that’s us!) The craft beer gods will smile on your efforts, and you’ll be confident in the knowledge that the next time you buy a Stone beer, it’ll taste just as we intended. In an effort to raise awareness about the critical role played by dedicated Stone fans in the fight against expired beer, we’ve begun releasing randomly scattered bottles of Stone IPA bearing this fetching infographic:

enjoy by infographic on a bottle

Handy, ain’t it? These nifty bottles have already started making their way onto shelves around the country. So if you see one, do not be alarmed. Simply check the “Enjoy By” label and, well, enjoy! And should you see a bottle past its prime, please don't hesitate to let us know at



You guys should organize a tasting of fresh beer vs beer you don't feel is optimal. I'd be interested to see how sensitive the palates of your drinkers are compared to the people making the beer.

Nifty trick for getting us to drink our supply faster! :)

Joking aside, great idea. Saves me the hassle of dating my beer before storing it.

How many weeks is considered "fresh"?

I often see Stone IPA on the open shelf in grocery stores...not refridgerated. How do we recify this?

Awesome Jacob, just awesome!

it's pretty easy to tell an aged/skunked IPA from a fresh one in my opinion. good reason to avoid ales at Bev M and other places that don't keep them cold. thanks Stone!

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