Our Commitment to Fresh Beer

Hops don't last forever.

For the peak of IPA flavors and aromas, drink hoppy beers by their "enjoy by" dates.

We’ve always been enamored with hops and the fantastic array of flavors and aromas they impart to beer. Therefore, one of the greatest tragedies for us is when a beer crafted to showcase these hops is left languishing on a shelf for too long as time erodes all of its botanical qualities.

To ensure that you know your beer is fresh, we’ve set shelf life limitations, or “code lengths,” for each of our beers. (With a few exceptions for imperial stouts and other beer styles that do hold up beautifully over time.) Bottles and cans are marked with an “Enjoy By” date, indicating the end of that time period. If a beer goes “out of code” before being enjoyed (tragic), we replace it with fresh beer to ensure that you're getting the best experience.

Next to the barcode on the label, we note whether the beer should be enjoyed fresh or if it is cellarable:

  • Drink Fresh: enjoy this beer by the date printed on the shoulder of the bottle or on the bottom of the can. The sooner you drink it, the better your experience will be.
  • Drink Fresh or Age at Cellar Temperature: The bottle or can won't have an enjoy by date printed on it, so if stored properly, it can become more complex over time. Keep it in a cool, dark place and pull it out when a special occassion calls for it. (Or, ya know, just drink it right now. That's a special enough occassion for us.)


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