Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaborations Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about the campaign or your specific beer order, please review the Frequently Asked Questions. For any additional questions or feedback, please email us at  

The last day to pick up your Berlin Groundbreaking Collaborations beers is December 12, 2019. Just email around 72 hours prior to your arrival to let us know you’re coming so we can make sure we have your bottles waiting.

The most important things you or your proxy need to bring on the day you pick-up your beer are your personalized VIP Pass and a valid government issued ID. Without those items, you’re not eligible to receive any of the benefits described within this FAQ. And keep in mind, when picking up your beer, everyone in your party must be 21 years of age and present a valid government issued ID. 

All is not lost. Each email communication from us regarding your beer order will include a digital voucher containing your Customer ID number. As long as you have that, you’ll have the ability to pick up your beers and collect your Team Stone perks.

Any additional questions or issues – email us at


To be eligible to receive the benefits below, you must present your personalized VIP PASS or reference your customer ID number on the day you pick up your bottle.

Your benefits include:

  • Team Stone Discount on in-store merchandise on the day of bottle pick-up. This discount is not valid on any beer purchases. Up to 50% off/up to $500 in value. Discount varies per item and per location.
  • One complimentary 4oz taster of a Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration or Stone Specialty Release Beer (availability may vary)
  • Exclusive access to purchase full pours of any available Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaboration beers on draft (availability may vary)
  • A one-time Team Stone Dining Discount at the Stone World Bistro & Gardens – Escondido the day of bottle pick-up. This discount is good for 50% off, up to $50.

We’d love to, but shipping beer in the U.S. is not like sending a package in the mail. It’s a complex web of state-by-state regulations. Thus, we’ll work with you to schedule your pickup point from a designated Stone Brewing location when the beer is almost ready. Plus when you come visit in person, you get to take advantage of the Team Stone discounts and perks.

That said, you may also designate a proxy – another person to pick up the beer on your behalf. E-mail us at with their full name and we’ll assign them to your customer information.

Yes! Please contact us at with your proxy’s full name to authorize them to pick up on your behalf.

Anyone, including distributing companies and retailers, could purchase the beers during the campaign at the same price as the general public. There was no way for us to police who purchased the beers via that platform.

However, if any bottles should end up being resold at a retail establishment, they will have traveled from distributor to retailer and gotten marked up along the way, thus the retailer will be selling them at a substantially higher price (that’s how the beer biz generally works…lucky for you, you were ahead of the game and got the long end of the stick). Added upside: If you regretfully passed on any bottles back in 2014, there could be an opportunity for you to expand your collaboration collection.

Additionally, we mentioned that there could be smaller format bottles made of each beer. Well, in response to the outcry from fans who didn’t opt in early but now want to purchase the collaborations, we will be making a small amount of each collaboration available in 750-milliliter bottles. These 750ml bottles will be priced equal to or greater than the price you early adopters paid to receive the larger, 1.5-liter bottle – because, after all, you deserve to be the only group receiving these unique beers in the rare 1.5L format at the special Stone Berlin Groundbreaking Collaborations price.

We understand being selective. We were VERY specific in our choices, too, as you can see from all the incredible collaborators we’re brewing with! We were firm on this in 2014 and must hold true to our word, out of respect for all the participants – no changes will be permitted.

Sorry, but all sales are/were final. We trust that you purchased wisely and are at peace with your decision. Plus, we are VERY confident that you won’t be disappointed once you taste that first sip.

Thanks for your patience! As of November, we’ve started the process of shipping out remaining bottles that were intended to be picked up at Stone Berlin. You should have already been prompted to update your address.

Although we previously communicated that beers would be sent in one shipment per person, we’ll instead be shipping them release by release.

If you need to make any further address updates or have questions, please feel free to contact us at

Email us at and we'll be happy to help.