Team Stone Relief

The current COVID-19 situation and its dramatic effect on our business and personal lives cannot be overstated. We know that some of our colleagues who were recently laid off may be hurting, so we’ve gathered together to create our own relief package.

When you make a contribution to the Team Stone Relief Fund, your tax-deductible donation will directly benefit laid-off Stone Brewing team members who are facing financial hardships as a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Click here to contribute with a 501(c)3 tax deductible donation.

The Stone Brewing COVID-19 Team Stone Relief program is supported through a donor advised fund held by the San Diego Foundation.


Stone Brewing Relief Package FAQ:

Is this a loan that will need to be paid back?

  • No. This will not need to be paid back.

Who qualifies for relief?

  • Every Team Stone person that was laid off since January 1 of 2020 may apply.

How much money can each past employee receive?

  • Everyone can request $500 right now. In two weeks, depending on how the total volume of available funds are drawn down, if more is available we’ll make a second disbursement to those in the greatest need. In June, if funds are still available, we’ll do this all again.