June 31 — Isle de Koch

An exclusive island off the coast of Escondido


THNDYR Festival is a departure from the mediocre.

Held on a remote private island off the coast of Escondido, the wild landscape and turquoise waters invite you to explore, experience, and enjoy with the likeminded craft beer elite.

Come seek, for searching is the foundation of future. We’re looking forward to marooning ourselves with you.

maroon yourself in style
sometimes lightning does strike twice
the power of hop connects you

Exclusive Micro-Batch Beers

Stone Enjoy By 10 Minutes From Now IPA

Stone Triple Dry Hopped Imperial Session Pale Ale

Stone Justification Zero-Carb Brut IPA

Beer so hazy it doesn't even reflect light & just looks like a glass of Vantablack

Guided Quintuple IPA Tasting 

Stochasticity Project crHeam Ale Helium Beer

Immersive Luxury Experiences

Stone Tropic of Thunder Waterfall

Luxury Spa Experience w/Experimental Hop Oil

Swimming Pigs Encounter

A Pirate Ship?

Centennial Hops (literally just some buckets of centennial hops)

From Soul Patch to Wookie: A Kochian Facial Hair Retrospective

Steve's Cigar Lounge

Elite-Level Entertainment

Real Life Gargoyles

Luxury Porta-Potties Playing Heavy Metal

Jimmy & Enrique

Greg's Worms {DJ Set}

More Centennial Hops

The Flocculators Reunion ft. Hologram Mitch

...and more!

We can neither confirm nor deny any prominent early-2000s hip-hop artists will be attending.

Join our Invitational Celebration of Beer

All packages include flights to and from the Port of Escondido, flights of exclusive micro-batch beers, and exclusive flights in our deluxe hop cone-shaped hot air balloon. 

Get Ready to Live

By submitting this form I agree to not hold the THNDYR Festival liable for any injuries caused or related to hop induced madness, pig bites, pirate ships or over-exposure to Greg's beard.