20th Anniversary Encore Series: Stone 6th Anniversary Porter

20th Anniversary Encore Series: Stone 6th Anniversary Porter

An ode to density, viscosity, and the unbearable opaqueness of being...

Imperial Porter

We celebrated our first five years in business by releasing anniversary India pale ales, with each subsequent IPA brewed to be hoppier and more intense than the previous. For our 6th anniversary in 2002, we extended this concept by making an intensified version of Stone Smoked Porter. We cranked up the malts and hops a notch or three and conditioned it on French and American oak, which accentuated our porter’s distinctive smokiness and amplified its chocolate and roast coffee flavors while also adding subtle notes of toffee, cherries, dried berries and vanilla. We’re proud to give those who missed out—as well as those who didn’t—a fresh shot at experiencing this smoky, dark-as-night wonder.

About This Beer

Release Date
April 18, 2016
Package Types
22oz bottles & draft
Featured Hops
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh or age at cellar temperature
Flavor Profile
Smoky, wood, roasty

Encore Logo

No single day can contain something as momentous as our 20th anniversary here at Stone Brewing. So we’re celebrating this milestone over the course of an entire year by releasing some fan-favorite beers from our 20-year history, using their original recipes and bottle art, and looking back on some highlights from the past on our way into a future filled with continued creativity, passion and a helluva lot of fun. Join us!

Tasting Notes

Provided by
Mitch Steele
Pours deep brown with a thick tan head of foam.
A nice blend of cocoa and smoke with hints of coffee and vanilla. Some fruity esters from the fermentation are present.
Cocoa and coffee upfront, the smoke comes from the back of the palate, and hints of wood and vanilla from the oak addition finish off the flavor.
Smooth, full but not sweet, with a balanced bitter end.
I wasn’t around to taste the original 2002 release of this beer, so it was fun to try and re-create it by using only the basic recipe information that I had available. I’ve had this on file for years, but the brewlog I had said nothing about the use of American and French oak after fermentation. I learned that tidbit from the book “The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance.” This is a cool version of our original Stone Smoked Porter. The malt and hops were amped up, and with the blend of oaks added, the result is a complex imperial porter that is wonderful fresh, but can also be aged for many years.

Pairing Notes

Provided by
"Dr." Bill Sysak
Craft Beer Ambassador
Hummus, bacon toast, blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms, lamb sliders
French onion, beef stew, chili con carne, butternut carrot, cream of mushroom
Chicken mole, rib-eye steak, penne with marinara sauce, baby back ribs, risotto with shiitake mushrooms
Maytag Blue, Rogue Smoky Mountain Blue, Ewephoria, aged cheddar, Gorgonzola Dolce
Salted caramel ice cream, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu
Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9, Padron Family Reserve 1964, Casa Magna Pikito