Stone Simcoe & Strata & Sabro, Oh My! Hazy IPA

Stone Simcoe & Strata & Sabro, Oh My! Hazy IPA

2022 One Batch Dispatch #2

Hazy IPA
Online & Stone Locations Only
16oz can

Super sippable, stupendously scrumptious.

This beer – like many of our most popular creations – originated at Stone Liberty Station from brewer Kris Ketcham. He challenged himself to create beers using hops that aren’t just lesser-known, but also share the same first letter. The first beer in the series featured exclusively “S” hops. Suffice to say it soared straight to our executive tasting panel. While other One Batch Dispatch beers have had an innovative twist or special ingredient, this one went to the front of the line simply for being so damn good. Notes of passion fruit, melon, peach and berries all come from straight from the unique hop combination. Super sippable, stupendously scrumptious.

You may be looking at pictures of this beer and thinking "That hazy beer doesn't look so hazy." You're not wrong! While this beer didn't go through our centrifugation or filtration process, it still came out a bit more clear than expected. That said, it absolutely nailed the amazing flavors and aromas our brewers were going for. It's an incredible beer, just without that opaque look you'd normally see in an unfiltered beer like this. That's the thing with One Batch Dispatch beers - they're brewed once, and sometimes will surprise us a little bit. Most importantly, it tastes absolutely awesome. It's a beer we're proud to share and can't want for you to try it yourself.

About This Beer

Release Date
March 16, 2022
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh

Tasting Notes

Featured Hops
Strata & Sabro
Flavor Profile
Hazy, passion fruit, melon, peach, berry, lemon grass, coconut, oats, creamy