Stone Soaring Dragon Imperial IPA

Stone Soaring Dragon Imperial IPA

Brewed with white peony tea

Imperial IPA
12oz can
6x12oz can
22oz bottle

A testament to the joy of experimentation.

A few of our brewers took a side trip to the famous Tianshan Tea City market to experience the legend themselves. They were blown away. Inspired, they began experimenting back home, learning how well the delicate, floral qualities of these teas worked in combination with certain hop varieties. This imperial IPA loaded with White Tea is the result of that bountiful trip and the resulting experimentation. The amazing aromas and flavor profile of this beer are witness to the joy of experimentation and a testament to making time for side trips.

About This Beer

Release Date
April 20, 2020
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh

Tasting Notes

Featured Hops
Citra & Loral
Flavor Profile
Raspberry, cinnamon stick and clover honey with hints of coconut and papaya, spearmint, sage, clean white tea and grapefruit pith.
Sweet malt backbone with soft tannin.
Special Ingredients
White Tea
Gold, clear, thin white head.
Floral, tea, herbal, calendula, lemon and lychee as well as apricot and other stone fruit aromas.
At Stone Brewing, we have been fascinated by brewing with tea for a long time. A fan favorite over the years has been our 2011 collaboration: Baird/Ishii/Stone Japanese Green Tea IPA (a “one-off” that was so popular we re-brewed it in 2015). Over the last few years, we have continued our obsession with tea, brewing different versions with different types of tea on our pilot system in Escondido as well as at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station and Stone Brewing – Napa. We visited the Tianshan Tea City market in Shanghai, China in search of the perfect tea for this IPA that we had in mind. Of all the types of tea we experimented with, White Tea kept coming up as our favorite. The challenge then was to get the perfect amount of tea in the beer to achieve harmony and balance, which we have done in this Imperial White Tea IPA.