The Bruery / Stone "Fahrt Die Ziege"

The Bruery / Stone "Fahrt Die Ziege"

Imperial Wheat Ale
The Bruery
Stone Brewing

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A few years back, The Bruery released a delightful barrel-aged weizenbock called Ride That Goat, which served as the initial spark of inspiration for what you’re holding in your hand. In German, Ride That Goat loosely (with a dose of creative license) translates to “Fahrt die Ziege.” We’ll get back to that in a second. Our friends from up the Interstate 5 Freeway in Southern California took the slightly longer trip (even longer by goat, presumably) to Berlin to help us with this collaboration. Aged in barrels for four months, then brewed again, this time with fresh blueberries sourced in a moment of Gestalt, through pure Zeitgeist, from neighboring local Dörrwerk, The final blend is 2/3 aged and 1/3 fresh brewed, yet 100% full of San Diego bravado, Orange County creativity, and old-school-meets-neue-schule German brewing in Berlin. Phew. Admittedly “Reite Die Ziege” would be more accurate, but hey, Fahrt Die Ziege made us laugh. So we stuck with it. 

Imperial wheat ale brewed with blueberries

About This Beer

January 10, 2017
Release Date
January 4, 2018
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh or age at cellar temperature
Special Ingredients

Tasting Notes

Bready, malty and wooden character with dark fruits
Clove-like phenols and fruity, banana-like esters

Pairing Notes

BBQ duck tacos, bacon-wrapped figs, shitake mushroom risotto, baklava