Todd Haug / Stone "Saurer Axtmann"

Todd Haug / Stone "Saurer Axtmann"

Berliner Weisse
Todd Haug
Stone Brewing

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Have guitar, will travel. Check. Have mash paddle, will travel. Check. Have invitation to Berlin to brew, will travel. Hell yeah. Cue our friend Todd Haug. He checked all those boxes and joined us to make this inspired and unique creation. Our Stone Berlin Brewmaster Thomas Tyrell has spent many years studying and brewing versions of the consummate Berlin style, the Berliner Weisse. Todd was intrigued with the idea of überizing (wasn't a real word before, but it is now) the style and wanted to further überize (how quickly a new word can find its wayinto the lexicon) with the addition of ginger root and Citrus Hystrix leaf. They worked perfectly, as you'll see. Todd, Thomas and Greg all agreed they'd never tasted anything quite like it before, and that they all loved it. So now, it has traveled time and space to you. Check it!

About This Beer

July 12, 2017
Release Date
November 16, 2017
When to Enjoy
Drink fresh or age at cellar temperature
Special Ingredients
Ginger root & Citrus Hystrix leaf

Tasting Notes

Lingering lime tartness is balanced with bitterness derived from ginger root
Tart citrus, hints of refreshing melon

Pairing Notes

Triple cream blue cheese, ceviche, salted soft pretzels, strawberry arugula salad, katsudon