BeerAdvocate Cover

BeerAdvocate Cover

I got the new BeerAdvocate Magazine last week.  Cool.  I always enjoy reading it.  New happenings, interesting perspectives, current goings on…it’s a good read.  Love the visual tone too, and this time I thought it was especially cool that the mag featured my friend Kjetil Jikiun on the cover.  Also cool that the shot just so happened to have been taken at our brewery.  Also cool that Kjetil just so happened to be at our brewery to brew the stunning Jolly Pumpkin / Nøgne-Ø / Stone Special Holiday Ale with Ron Jefferies from Jolly Pumpkin and our own Mitch Steele. I always scan / thumb through the magazine first, looking to see what pops out, then sit down and read it later when I’ve got more time.  This time the scanning began as usual, but then a little more than half way I stopped on one of the features and began muttering expletives.  Loudly. Odd when you consider the fact that I was actually quite happy.  Very happy.  I suppose you’d have to call them “Muttered Expletives of Joy.” Yeah, whatever. Bottom line is that I was stoked. In the current edition, BeerAdvocate magazine announced their annual “Highest Rated” list.  Usually, it’s a look at the “current” ratings, and we’ve always placed well (read: top one or two or three). This time, they ranked the breweries “According to the numbers, the most popular and highest-rated brewers --- ever.” Over the last few days, I’ve been showing people my copy of the magazine, reading the same quote above from the copy, and then handing them the magazine while saying “I can’t quite make out the words on the list itself…can you tell me what it says?”  Heh.  I think it might be a while before that gets old.  To me. Well, I can’t do that here on this blog post…or maybe I can.  Perhaps I could ever-so-humbly ask you to please read to me what the brewery was that made the top of that list …I can’t quite make it out…. Cheers! Greg



Simply awesome. I've been telling everyone Stone is the best, now there is proof in writing! Congrats!

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