Matt Steele It’s been a full forty days since New Years, and you’re still adhering to your New Year’s Resolution with ironclad resolve. Nothing can get in your way as you charge headlong toward a healthier, more productive lifestyle. Right? We’re realistic here at Stone. We know it’s not easy to stand by the fleeting promises we make to ourselves every year amid the clinking of celebratory beers and the invigorating prospect of a clean slate. While it may not be smart to make life-altering resolutions while adorned head-to-toe in confetti, dodging cheap fireworks and worshiping giant disco balls, the overall premise remains valid. We do believe in taking steps to improve ourselves and our communities, even though the odds are stacked against us. That’s why we started New Beers Revolution.

We thought you might enjoy knowing what we're doing here at Stone with ourselves and our coworkers.

This TEAM STONE ONLY competition is our way of inspiring self-improvement and community service while providing a solid support system to ensure we stick it out. New Beers Revolution encourages Team Stone participants to improve their bodies, minds, and communities for a period of three months. Contestants are given the option to compete as a team, and prizes are awarded to the winners thanks to the generosity of our co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner. Speaking of Greg, he is the creative mastermind behind New Beers Revolution. Greg not only wanted to address the growing epidemic of broken New Years Resolutions, but he also wanted to dispel the popular myth that there exists such a thing as a “beer belly.” Armed with information from the American Medical Association (and common sense), Greg proved that there is no such thing as a “beer belly,” but rather a “lifestyle belly.” New Beers Revolution provides all the enthusiastic beer drinkers here at Stone another opportunity to prove to the world that enjoying craft beer can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are just some of the goals that Team Stone members have set for themselves: Physical Goals: -    "Lose 40 pounds" (nearly everyone wants to lose weight) -    "Train for and complete a marathon" -    "Not just lose weight, but learn to live healthier" -    "Drink more water" -    "Run laps around Stone on my breaks" Intellectual Goals: -    "Write over 50,000 total words (blogs and novel projects)" -    "Take and study Yoga to balance my mind, body, and spirit" -    "Start my own blog and stick to it" -    "Make the move to all-grain homebrewing" -    "Read a minimum of one book per month" Community Goals: -    "Volunteer to read to people, probably at a retirement home" -    "Work with a local elementary school to teach more about 'green' practices" -    "Volunteer and assist with the Youth Group at my local church" -    "Donate clothing, books, and other items laying around my house to charity" -    "Buy only local produce and items from my local Farmer’s Market" Fun quotes: “Fit into my skinny jeans!” “STOP smoking!!” “Teach myself to juggle and learn Caligraphy.” “Look more like Cary Grant (when he was 40, not 80).” “No sugary cereal, no donuts!” “Give Blood” “Lose the ‘lifestyle belly’” “Use my reusable Stone Chico bag!” “No more energy drinks!” “I’m going to give free golf lessons” “Rally for cyclists rights!” We’re very proud of all 42 Team Stone participants, and we wish them the best of luck. We also encourage our fans to join us in striving for positive change. Just because you’re not part of Team Stone doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. New Beers Revolution isn’t about the prizes or the thrill of competition, it’s about lighting the fire under people and setting them on a life-long course of self-betterment and civil responsibility. Good luck to all! -Matt Steele
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Awesome. I have been most inspired.

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