Greg Koch It's very cool that our local newspaper, the North County Times, is running a story today about Beer Advocate Magazine's pronouncement that Stone ranked at the #1 spot on their list “According to the numbers, the most popular and highest-rated brewers — ever.” I wrote a blog post about it a couple weeks ago.  Nice that the North County Times decided to cover it as well. I don't think that the world around us will change all that much, but every little bit helps.  Most local folks in North County and the rest of San Diego will continue about their lives unaware of the incredible -- and world-famous -- craft beer scene in their own backyard.  However, the ranks of the in-the-know does continue to grow.  Usually incrementally on a day by day basis, but sometimes more on a leaps and bounds basis with the help of the extra push of our local media.  We are quite thankful of that.  The number of amazing, artisanal, fresh, local choices in nearly all things food and drink in San Diego County grows constantly.  It is a real renaissance.  Not just here, but all over the US.  The degrees vary of course.  In some areas it's more rooted and advanced, and in some it's less.  And one of the areas that San Diego County absolutely excels at is craft beer.  No, not just at Stone.  Not by any stretch.  We are just part of the wonderful craft brewing community here. Cheers! -GK


Congrats!! I completely agree with the fine folks at Beer Advocate... Cheers!

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