As you may already know, we’ll be expanding distribution into the incredibly lucky state of Connecticut near the end of September. The fair people of the Constitution State will soon be enjoying our sweet, hoppy nectar and dancing in the streets, rejoicing in their shared good fortune while poor, unfortunate beer geeks in Stone-deprived states will continue to languish in their cosmic misfortune, shaking their fists at the sky and wondering why the beer gods have forsaken them thusly. If you find yourself in the latter, ill-fated camp, let us explain how we choose new areas to distribute in so that you’re no longer doomed to a life of pleading for our beer over email, facebook and Twitter (yes, we hear you MO!), forever uninformed and feeling perpetually slighted. Believe it or not, it’s slightly more complicated than a coin toss or “eenie meenie miny moe” (slightly). It all depends on three main factors. The first and foremost consideration is a no-brainer: Can we make enough beer? Usually the answer is no, because we’re busy trying to brew enough beer for our current areas of distribution. Sure, we’ve experienced ridiculously explosive growth since we opened our doors in 1996, but even with two new fermenters coming in and another building in the plans, we’re still hard-pressed to meet demand for our beer in our present territories. What can we say? We have thirsty fans… The second consideration is that of demand. We have to ask ourselves if a new territory harbors sufficient demand for our beer, not only among fanatical beer geeks and hop-heads, but also retailers. Without considerable longing from both camps, expansion into a new territory is simply not wise. You see, we need steady turnover for our year-round fresh beers. Without that, our beers might sit waiting for the knowledgeable beer buyer just a little too long on the shelves. The third and final variable is an acceptable distribution option. We need a wholesaler who 1) understands great beer, 2) is knowledgeable about how to sell great beer, 3) knows how to take care of great beer, 4) has the proper infrastructure to get it to all the great retailers in their region that would like to stock Stone. Now for the question we always get: Do we ship directly to homes? No, we don’t—but dry up those tears and spare us the hate mail, because you have a few options. Below is a list of people who CAN ship you some Arrogance right to your doorstep: - Hi Time Wine Cellar  (800-331-3005) - Liquid Solutions  (503-496-1942) - Bottle Trek  (1-866-503-9049) - Beer on the Wall  (1-888-840-BEER) - Arctic Liquor  (877-817-9463) - Holiday Wine Cellar  (760-745-1200) - South Bay Drug & Liquor  (619-424-5164) These places will usually send a decent selection of our beers to MOST states. Keep in mind that many states prohibit the shipping of beer from out of state, and as such, are typically not on the “eligibility list” for many of these shippers. State laws are complex and change frequently, so some may ship where others will not and vice versa. The bottom line is, we'll get to your state eventually. Maybe. As long as we’re able to meet the above parameters. Although we may not have immediate plans to invade your state, we have heard your cries for help. In the meantime, do your best to advocate craft beer. Supporting your local craft breweries, requesting better beer from retailers, and helping to convert others is the fastest way to get the choices you want. Until then...CHEERS! - Matt Steele



Hawaii needs;s a sad state of affairs here to go through withdrawl. I miss my IBU's. Please, I promise to be nice and clean my room if you bring it here!

That's it, I'm movin to Conne-c-t-cut! Thanx for the info Steele. Keep up the good work

expand to the bloody UK PLEASE !

We know you hear us from MO, but we wont stop until we get your beer here.

I have been waiting patiently in Connecticut for more than a few years--i do drive to Mass or Vermont and stock up my Stone Stash with a few gems to ward off the unworthy and keep my blood levels at a minimum. The anticipation is barely tolerable for myself and those around me... Your humble servant---Bert Henry

Chicago, IL. Please!!!! Ive already gotten quite a few people hooked. PLEASE!!!! How could u say no to this market?!

@Granulated: You'll be pleased to hear that you can buy Stone beers at the following website

I know I was thrilled to find a UK based site from which to get my hands on Stone awesomeness :D

You guys already have us surrounded in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. How about slipping a few thousand cases into the just-freed-from-the-nonsensical-6%ABV-law state of Alabama? We are starved for attention (and real beer).

Thankfully we can find Stone products, some easier than others, in NJ. Very happy for that!

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