You may remember a little idea bomb we dropped a few days before Christmas about potentially opening a brewery in Europe. Today we are taking a big step forward on that project with the release of our Request For Proposal. Just what in the hell is a Request For Proposal, you ask? Truthfully, we weren’t really sure ourselves, so we decided to check some out. We learned, more or less, that they tell the world about your project, with the goal of finding people who can help make it happen. The problem: the ones we found bored us to tears…when we were able to stay awake long enough to conjure up those tears.


The team of fun-loving goofballs who made this zany RFP. Our sitcom premieres this Fall.

So we took the standard RFP and poured sauce all over it. Yummy, interesting, Stone sauce. Or, to put it literally, we designed and wrote our little hearts out in order to tell Stone’s story as powerfully as possible. What we ended up with is an über-shiny overview of the brewery and what we’re all about, along with some details about what we’re looking for in a potential European location. The results were a little jarring even to us. It’s glossy, polished, and maybe even a little businesslike, which is not how we usually think of ourselves. But we quickly realized that the RFP reflects the tremendous skills of all the Team Stone folks who created it. Turns out we’ve got some serious badasses working here. Collectively, we’ve got smarts, looks, and talent. We even want to ask ourselves out. Did I just say that out loud? Anyway, check it out for yourself, but keep in mind that at the end of the day, it’s a business document. We’re sharing it with all of you so that you can follow us on this crazy project from beginning to end. Without further ado, behold the most Arrogant RFP ever. rfp-screencap



When are you going to make up a batch of "Double Oaked Arrogant RFP"?

I liked it! I think it gave a good overview of all Stone has to offer the world. Yes, it was colorful and inviting. Yes, it was informative and enlightening. I think Stone was portrayed as a very professional company with an artistic and alluring quality. Wishing you success!



Paris is first choice.

I am sending this all over Wales - okay maybe not all over, but to those with real connections. In hopes to lure you to the land of Castles and Stone Circles. :-)

I have forwarded this to serious people in Europe. People who live there and know business there...Germany and France. I wish I knew someone in Czech Republic as the new generation there is perfect for the Stone mindset. I think you may be able to buy Greece or a large enough part of it right now. Do not use the euroDisney model.

As an American living in Geneva, Switzerland, I believe this city would be perfect for the project. The city has money and an economy that is darn near recession proof , a great deal of Americans working in the nonprofit sectors, UN, etc. and is not over run with good beers( difficult to find anything not distributed by Heineken). The city attracts many young people from across the globe who have studied in the US and know about the quality of the US brewing scene. I would like to learn more on how I can get involved.
John Brownlee

Hmmm....Arrogant Bastards at the Oktoberfest *yummy*....If you need german translations let me know.

Good luck,

dirty bastard computers...
So, i am from Hungary, Middle-east Europe. I know a brewery with a capacity of 150000 hl, but with bottom-fermentation technologies...But they have all the capacity what was written in the RFP. The brewery is on sale and needs resurrections...I was the brewmaster in this brewery but i leave two months ago because the firm brews crappy lagers...
The brewery: Ilzer Sörgyár, Monor


I like your attitude in this particular case!
Germany is waiting for you! Approx. 40 min (by car) SW from Frankfurt/Main you will find ideal requirements, weak competitors and the perfect filtration system (BECOPAD!!!) for your RFP!

Hope to see you soon,


um yeah. Amsterdam. one more reason to visit!

i just moved to the UK, and not ONE place or person has heard of anything you guys make. such a sadness, so i support that you guys do so. come to europe. show them good things. please.

love it love it, i wih i could be a part of this growth

Dear Mr. Koch & Company:

I very much appreciate your efforts and would like to discuss working with you. My thoughts concern three areas. First, I would be interested in aiding the international effort. I believe that I might share certain insights to assist in your broadening efforts. Secondly, I would like to meet with Mr. Koch to discuss the development of a correlative effort that would also serve to widen your market appeal without diminishing anything about your product or its presentation. Third, are you amenable to collegial partnerships that involve a philanthropic component?

I have only just heard about this, and wish you the best of luck with your venture. Yes we have heard of you in the UK; those of us that love beer respect and revere your products and your principles. Some of us have been lucky enough to visit you in Escondido, and would like to do it again some day. Please build your brewery in England - we could do with something to cheer us up after the World Cup! But beware - British brewers are getting better and you have some competition now.

With your expansion to Europe are you hoping to introduce the American palate of large robust hopped beers (what your known for) or are you going to cater to the European palate of lagers but with a "Stone Twist"? Look forward to hearing and seeing more from this project; if any brewery can pull it off, it's you guys!

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