You’re undoubtedly aware of our Stone Vertical Epic Ale series. You may even have a cellar stocked with previous incarnations of our annual (plus a month and a day) homage to the wondrous effects of Belgian yeast and transformative hand of Father Time. So the series itself requires little introduction, but this year’s installment merits some explanation. To put it succinctly, it is a Belgian-style amber ale brewed with cinnamon and Anaheim chillis from New Mexico’s legendary Hatch Valley (famous for growing complexly flavorful chillis prized by foodies.) How that brief description translates into the taste of a beer is another matter. For those duties, I give you Stone’s Brewmaster Mitch Steele:


The Stone 11.11.11 Vertical Epic Ale pours a deep amber with a cream colored head of foam.



The Belgian yeast strain we used this year has more pronounced banana aromatics than the clove flavors produced by some of the yeast strains we have used in past years. Mixed in with the banana esters are toffee malt notes, hints of spice -- clove and cinnamon -- and a trace of very mild green chili in the back. The aromas all blend together incredibly well.



Upfront, the yeast-derived banana flavors are blended very nicely with toasted and toffee-like malt flavors, fruity esters, and balanced hints of cinnamon. Mid palate the Perle and Pacific Jade hops and the Hatch green chili flavors come through. The beer finishes dry, and bitter with just the most subtle of hints of chili heat and a touch of alcohol.



Not your typical chili beer! The famous mild green chilies from the Hatch Valley in New Mexico add layers of delicious flavor with a very mild heat component. The base beer itself is very reminiscent of a European amber beer, with Perle and Pacific Jade hops, Munich and other roasted German and Belgian malts, hopped and brewed to a very Stone-like 65 IBU and 9.4% ABV. Cinnamon is a wonderful spice if used judiciously, which we did here-it doesn’t by any means dominate the beer’s flavor, but definitely adds a subtly complex spice note that blends amazingly well with the banana esters and green chili.


ABV: 9.4%

IBU: 65

OG: 20.5°P

TG: 2.5°P

Malts: Pale, Crystal, Munich, CaraBohemian and Special B

Hops: Warrior, Target, Perle and Pacific Jade

Now that you’ve received the full rundown on this beer, we’ll tell you that it will begin percolating out onto shelves and taps starting on November 7th, 2011. Why not on 11.11.11, you ask? Because the beer gods prefer releases to be on Mondays. So there.



Being from New Mexico, I'm compelled to tell you that it's actually green chile, not green chili. Can't wait to taste the beer, though!!!

This sounds incredible! Cannot wait for it to find it's way to the northeast. Last years was incredible, and this one sounds like it will top it. Looking forward to it!

Does the release date = the in store date?

Just want to make sure I'm not heading to the store to go home empty handed on 11/7. I live in Santa you know which accounts in that area are getting the 11.11.11?

Thanks for the info!

Want!!!! I want a case ASAP.

So stoked for this--only two more to go!! I'm already looking ahead to 12/12/12 and the Vertical Epic Weekend Freeriding and Beer Tasting Extravaganza I'm planning for myself and six carefully chosen friends (3 oz / person / brew) to sample 3/3/03 through 12/12/12 (I missed out on 2/2/02). Thanks Stone for rocking it....

I hope that I can find some 11 11 11 at the beer stores around here. Out here in New England I can find Stone at certain stores but it's not easy for them to carry all beers. Hopefully the Beer God will hear my beer prayers and send some cross country for me. I'll have to e-mail my nephew, he and his wife visit the Stone beer garden often (lucky guy).

Sweet! When will it hit the Chicago area?

Will the Stone South Park store have it on Monday as well?

Please please please tell me this will be in the pittsburgh area for 11-11-11!! My birthday is as well that day, and would love to pick up as much as my car can fit!

FYI guys I picked this up today 11/05/11 at my local bevmo in San Francisco. So it's out earlier than its projected date.

Can you tell us which store in San Francisco? It'd be a big help.

Jacob McKean
Communications Specialist
Stone Brewing Co.

In reply to by Evan (not verified)

Went to my local Bevmo and they had this available today 11/05/11. So check it out, should be available soon.

Trying it as I'm writing this. It has some spicy notes for sure, a little bitter at first, but a smooth finish; not too hoppy. Probably would go best with some protein as it's fairly bold to drink on its own. Overall a good buy at $3.99.

Can you tell us which store in the Bay Area? We'd really appreciate it.

Jacob McKean
Communications Specialist
Stone Brewing Co.

In reply to by toast (not verified)

I'm in the bay area BTW. So I'm guessing California gets its shipments first and other states/countries follow.

Will it find its way to Connecticut?

Nope, sorry

In reply to by Ben (not verified)

Cant wait to try it...11/11 is my bday :D

so sad, went to the Bevmo in San Diego yesterday off of Carmel Mountail Ranch and they did not have it in. They said that they are not getting it until 11/11/11.... I think I might have to go to the brewery today and get some.

Apparently, it won't be in Chicago until early next week - something about it just getting IL approval?

I am truly amazed. I walked into BevMo in Glendale AZ and find the Vertical Epic was out for sale. I find this exquisite brew amazingly working with the senses. The Anaheim Chile in the finish is wonderful since chiles I love in cooking. Great job Stone.

Where in Atlanta will this brew be sold? I cant find a store with the 11-11-11

The Gods have been good to me. Tried it about an hour ago, at a tapping party. Aces and Ales in Las Vegas. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Using the chilies as a flavor base, and not the flavor profile, is a nice touch. This would go awesomely with banana foster bread pudding.

Come to Fish Bar in Lakeview for a lobster roll and a pint of Vertical Epic 11.11.11! We're tapping the keg in about 1 hour (4pm).

I called all 3 BevMo's in San Francisco (or the 3 listed on the website) and they don't get it until next week ad today is 11.11.11 BOOOOO! :(

I was at the brewery today to pick up a growler of 11.11.11 and picked up a vertical epic Tshirt. Did you know the shirt says 8.9% ABV?

Where's the recipe????

Vertical Epic with Hatch Green Chile!? Yes! YES!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

I feel jipped... very good beer, but very brief homebrew recipe

Just got a bottle of this tonight and can't wait to crack it open, taste, savour and write about it!

Just had the 11.11.11 to go with my birthday dinner! My favorite VE so far, keep it up boys!

Where is the homebrew recipe?

Where can I find your recipes for home brewers?

Would you please post home brew recipe as mentioned on the bottle? Tastes great, want to draw to homebrew next year with chilis from our gArden in Penasquitos!

Where's that recipe!!! I just bought a case (Wife is pissed, but whatever) & It can only last but so long.

it really is EPIC

Tried it tonight on-tap at Local Habit. My first taste of the Vertical Epic series. Went very well with my pizza and spicy pumpkin soup.

Really instructive and excellent structure of written content , now that's user genial (:.

Would be very grateful if you would publish a homebrew recipe. Or at least give us a bit more of the malt bill, hop schedule, and maybe some hints as to how to use the cinnamon and chilis? Thanks.

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