Our beloved gardener, Chili, stumbled upon a pleasant surprise this morning as he was mowing the lawn in our Gardens. We thought we would share his discovery with you...


The ducklings are the newest additions to our Gardens, which have been enjoying a Springtime boom. We're glad to be graced with their presence, brightening an already tranquil Tuesday morning here at Stone.

At a whopping eleven ducklings, this is the largest hatching we've ever had. Check out the flickr set for more photos.

At a whopping eleven ducklings, this is the largest clutch we've had yet. Click the picture for the flickr set.

-Matt Steele



Great find; especially since it is Easter!!

Yeah, hope they stick around. Sometimes they leave after just a few days, then come back later. You never know.

You won't be fooling anyone if I see "Brown Duck IPA" on tap next month. ;)

Oh, I am so going there for lunch tomorrow!!

Awesome! Can't wait to see them this weekend. :)

Few Stone afficiandos realize this is a great use of a "Best Mangement Practice" for storm water. We are not worthy! I cannot think of a better example of the future to insure clean water at our beaches then the incredible water feature at Stone. You continue to be a true example of great Brew and environmental stewardship. Let me know when you fire up the Duck tacos....
Eric Anderson Board Member
Region 9 Regional Water Quality Control Board
Elfin Forest (El Vecino)

Awesome post,thank you.

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