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Stone Brewing Adopts First-Use Technology to Hop the New Stone VirtuALE IPA

A virtual universe of choices confront the modern brewer when it comes to selecting hops. Stone Brewing encourages its brewers to live in a world of pure imagination… If we can dream it, we can brew it. This week, Stone Brewing presents Stone VirtuALE IPA, the latest liquid exploration into the world of experimental hop technology. The beer incorporates first-use technology, with potential to become rote tradition (by at least the year 2045) if this beer’s hoppy excellence is any indication.

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Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout Gives New Rise to a Classic

This week Stone Brewing releases Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout. With roots in both the old world and new, this sinfully delightful beer makes its debut with slight tweaks to the original Stone Imperial Russian Stout recipe developed in 2000 by Stone co-founder and original Brewmaster, Steve Wagner.

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Stone Brewing presents Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA

Trends in craft beer rise and fall, but through the dank, the fruit and the haze, one constant remains: Hops. Spotlighting this wonderful plant, Stone Brewing presents Stone Scorpion Bowl IPA, a beer packed with all the fruitiness of some of today’s favorite beers, with absolutely no addition of fruit.

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Stone Brewing Announces its Inaugural Lineup of In-Store Only Releases

Stone Brewing announces a 2018 lineup of packaged Exclusive Release Beers available only at Stone Brewing locations. These beers are intended only for Stone’s most dedicated fans making the pilgrimage to its tap rooms and company stores in Southern California and Richmond, VA.

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Stone Exalted IPA Now Available

Stone 2:23 
Like a savior to their disciples, Stone Brewing extols the glory of the almighty hop with its latest release, Stone Exalted IPA. The first in the Stone Hop Worship Seasonal IPA Series, the crisp and citrusy blend of hops is now available in 12-ounce can six-packs nationwide.

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Stone Brewing Sues MillerCoors for Deceptive Use of the STONE® Brand

ESCONDIDO, CA (February 12, 2018) – Today Stone Brewing filed suit to defend its iconic STONE® brand against one of the world’s largest beer conglomerates, MillerCoors.  Stone, known for being the antithesis to “Big Beer,” has long waved a flag of bold character, individualism and independence. The suit alleges that MillerCoors is trying to rebrand its Colorado Rockies-themed “Keystone” beer as “STONE.”  The craft beer pioneer feels that it has no choice but to combat MillerCoors’ aggressive marketing moves, which abandon Keystone’s own heritage by falsely associating with the one true STONE®. 

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Stone Brewing Releases Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure Double IPA

An unlikely pair on a serendipitous adventure, the story of Loral and Dr. Rudi is one of smooth beginnings and bitter endings. It’s a novel of epic proportions, a journey in every sip. Like the crisp pages of a new best-seller, Stone Brewing announces the release of Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure Double IPA. 

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Stone Brewing Officially Launches in China Continuing the Effort to Redefine “Fresh” for Overseas Fans of American Craft Beer

Thanks to an incredibly hands-on approach to distribution, fresh Stone Brewing beers are now regularly available in select Chinese markets. Answering the impassioned cry of craft beer fans, Stone designed an uninterrupted cold chain delivery approach from San Diego, all the way to bars, restaurants and beer shops around China. This capability positions the brewery as a pioneer, offering China the most diverse, innovative and fresh portfolio of craft beer from the States.

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Stone Brewing Brings the Impossible…and the Hellfire

Steadfast supporters of sustainable dining, Stone Brewing announces the arrival of the Impossible Burger at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens locations in San Diego. Beginning Friday, December 22 and for a limited time only, the cult burger will debut at both San Diego locations, making Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Escondido the only North County destination for the revolutionary plant-based burger.

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Stone Brewing Announces 2018 Release Calendar

Stone Brewing presents its 2018 release calendar, the passionate work of some of the country’s most hop savvy brewers. Predominantly IPA forward, the lineup of releases represents the epitome of Stone’s recent innovation.