20th Anniversary Encore Series: Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA

20th Anniversary Encore Series: Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA

Double IPA

For our 14th Anniversary Ale, we traced our inspiration to British IPAs of the 1800s, creating an imperial, nay, Emperial IPA using all-British hops, malt and yeast. We even adjusted our Southwest U.S. water to summon that ageless IPA chemistry and royal sense of place. Cheers to an Encore reign for this mighty British-by-way-of-California-West-Coast IPA.

About This Beer

Release Date
November 7, 2016
Package Types
22oz bottles & draft
Featured Hops
UK Target
Boadicea & East Kent Golding
When to Enjoy
120 days
Flavor Profile
Earthy, herbal, fruity, dry

Encore Logo

No single day can contain something as momentous as our 20th anniversary here at Stone Brewing. So we’re celebrating this milestone over the course of an entire year by releasing some fan-favorite beers from our 20-year history, using their original recipes and bottle art, and looking back on some highlights from the past on our way into a future filled with continued creativity, passion and a helluva lot of fun. Join us!

Tasting Notes

Pours golden with a creamy head of foam. It is very pale in color, with a slight haze.
Strongly hoppy, a blend of peaches, light citrus and earthy/herbal flavors. It’s a bit of a departure from the classic American citrusy and piney IPA hop profile, but it is unmistakably hoppy.
The classic pale malt character becomes apparent with a touch of sweetness and a light biscuity flavor, yet this beer remains incredibly hop focused. Resiny, fruit flavored hops dominate the palate upfront and through the middle. Yeast esters are blended into the flavor mix in the middle palate, and the beer finishes very bitter and dry, with just a tiny hint of sulfur.
Our Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA may defy today’s expectations of a British-inspired IPA. It’s not a “maltier” IPA, and no crystal malts were used in the brewing of this beer. British brewers in the 1800’s made their IPA’s as light in color and as dry as possible, and that was our inspiration. And though we still like to encourage everyone to drink our IPA’s fresh, this one may be interesting to age.