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Stone Brewing Lobs Another Hop Grenade

The Stone Spotlight Series competition engages in-house two-person teams that vie for the chance to have their recipe brewed and distributed nationwide. This year’s winning team of Miguel Ceja Andrade and Brandon Berube rolled in like mercenaries and were crowned champions for their East-meets-West Coast IPA creation. The beer begins infiltrating restaurants, bars and retailers this week.

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Stone Brewing Presents: ‘Bean to Beer: A Cacao Story’ Celebrating Steadfast Artisanal Brewing

Stone Brewing ignites the holiday season with the release of Stone Xocoveza, a deliciously distinctive mocha stout brewed to stagger the senses with cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, milk sugar and a mild punch of pasilla peppers. Reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate, Stone Xocoveza in 12-ounce bottled six-packs can now be stacked in fridges. To mark the occasion, Stone Brewing presents: ‘Bean to Beer: A Cacao Story.’ The short-form documentary offers insight into the intensive process of crafting the ultimate artisanal beer.

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Stone Distributing Co. to Aid California’s Fire Victims through Collective Independent Craft Beer Effort

Stone Brewing’s distributing division, Stone Distributing Co., will donate a portion of its sales throughout the month of October to benefit those affected by the devastation of the Northern California fires. Donations will be made to Direct Relief providing emergency assistance to California’s Office of Emergency Services, the Napa County Public Health Department and more than 40 health centers and clinics in the affected region.

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Stone Brewing Departs Summer With A Vengeance

Stone Brewing announces the latest in its seasonal beers, this one paying homage to the ever-present Gargoyle with a tropical mythology. Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA explodes with the flavors of citrus candy and tiki-style cocktails. Find the beer now, nationwide in six-packs of 12-ounce cans.

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With Unwavering Independence, Stone Brewing Secures Distribution in all 50 States

Amidst an ever-changing landscape in the craft beer industry, Stone Brewing announces its triumphant presence in all 50 states, achieved while maintaining fierce independence alongside its distribution partners and steadfast fans. Stone beers will hit bars, restaurants and retailers throughout West Virginia beginning this week, completing Stone’s 50-state charge to bring it’s original “West Coast style” beers to hop lovers across the country.

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Stone Brewing Pairs a Stout with a Liger

Each year Stone Brewing partners with the American Homebrewers Association to host a member rally and homebrew competition, which, for years has yielded a beer worthy of the national stage. Judged by Stone co-founders Greg Koch and Steve Wagner (and members of the Stone Brewing team), this year’s champion is the Paul Bischeri & Patrick Martinez / Abnormal Beer Company / Stone Neapolitan Dynamite, available beginning this week in 22-ounce bottles nearly nationwide.

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Fat Mike of NOFX Crashes Stone Brewing and Punk Rockers Reap the Benefits

When Fat Mike called up the guys at Stone Brewing, their first response was, “where’d you get my number and why are you calling at 3 a.m.?” Things progressed and a beer was brewed. The Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival kicks off September 16 in Tacoma, WA and Stone & NOFX Punk In Drublic Hoppy Lager will hit stores in 12-ounce cans beginning this week….although some stores took to a no nonsense DIY approach citing punk rock as their excuse, “You don’t control punk rock with arbitrary corporate release dates. The people get their beer when I say they get their beer.” So, OK. Rock on. Hopefully you’re well into enjoying your fresh hoppy lagers.

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Stone Brewing Releases International Collaboration Beer with Up-And-Coming Cult Breweries Beavertown and Garage Project

Call up your mosh mates and crank up the noise, three international breweries are releasing a tropical double IPA that makes even kiwi fruit sound righteously heavy. Beavertown / Garage Project / Stone Fruitallica will release to the public this week.

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Stone Brewing Cans Stone Tangerine Express IPA after Remarkable Launch

In February, Stone Brewing unleashed a juicy and tropical IPA brewed with whole tangerine and pineapple named Stone Tangerine Express IPA. Six months later the hugely flavorful and aromatic Stone Tangerine Express IPA is making its debut in six-packs of 12-ounce cans.

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Stone Brewing Celebrates 21 with a Distinctive Combination of Wheat Malt, Pekko and Mosaic Hops

Stone 21st Anniversary Hail to the Hop Thief Double IPA will hit stores this week, bringing with it a bold, hoppy profile, customary of the brewery’s anniversary beers. The beer’s distinctive combination of hops used alongside wheat malt are brand new territory for the Stone Brewing team, making it a beer to mark history, as it goes down in history.