Lost Abbey / Stone "Sticks N' Stones" 750ml Bottles
Event Overview

Back in 2014, we launched the Stone Groundbreaking Collaborations campaign, offering fans the chance to preorder fourteen special beers that would be created with some of the biggest names in the craft brewing industry.  In response to the outcry from fans who didn’t opt in early but now want to purchase the collaborations, we will be making a small amount of each collaboration available in 750-milliliter bottles. These 750ml bottles will be priced equal to or greater than the price you early adopters paid to receive the larger, 1.5-liter bottle.

Lost Abbey / Stone "Sticks N' Stones"

Stone Brewing
The Lost Abbey

Ft. Lee Chase & Steve Wagner

Series: 4 of 14
STYLE: Dark Imperial Lager
ALC/VOL: 8.3%
SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: German yeast. Partially aged with wood chips in granite barrels
TASTING NOTES: An explosion of dark roast followed by oaky vanilla and clove. Crisp and earthy
AROMA: Roast earth and sweet oak, aromatic as a handful of the Black Forest
PAIRINGS: Humboldt Fog cheese-stu‑ed dates, glazed pork tenderloins, baklava, mushroom udon

Before the meaning of the name is revealed for that “ah-ha” moment, we must elaborate on the significance of the collaboration. Three key Stone brewers gathered together with long-time friend and Lost Abbey brewmaster Tomme Arthur in Berlin. There they collaborated on a beer representative of our presence in Germany and the craft beer crusade we have been on and never lost sight of despite all of the words of criticism. Too aggressive, too many hops, too expensive, too impossible to break into centuries of German tradition…all of that was just words. It didn’t break us. And here we are, two decades later with a foothold in Berlin and our fingertips on the international craft beer moment. In honor of that we brewed a dark imperial lager with a German yeast strain and partially aged it with wooden chips “sticks” in stone granite barrels. Ah-ha.

Bottles will be available on a first come, first served basis only.