Sawyer's Triple
September 30, 2023
9:43PM - 9:43PM
Event Overview

Looking for a limited-release Stone beer to start your holiday weekend? This Thursday, all Stone Company Stores will tap something special that will surely make you and your growler very popular at any social event you plan to attend. We will pour through what we’ve got until it’s gone, but we urge you to keep in mind that there’s only so much beer in each keg!

Style: Triple

ABV: 7.6%

Hop Varieties: German Perle & Sterling

Inspiration comes from many sources. The inspiration for Sawyer's Triple came from namesake Sawyer Benjamin Sherwood, the 8-year-old son of former Stone brewer Bill Sherwood and his wife, Janis. In early 2003, Sawyer was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy—also known as ALD—a rare neurodegenerative disease. It felt like a crushing blow when we lost Sawyer in September 2003, only days before the initial release of Sawyer's Triple. The outpouring of support from family, the community, and fans of Stone Brewing brought comfort and solace to such a great degree that it simply cannot be expressed in words. When you enjoy this brew, we encourage you to lift a glass to the noble fight in all of us. When your own fight is overwhelming, remember to seek help. And when you are able to, offer help to others. On Sawyer's behalf, and for all who need assistance with their own fight, we thank you for yours...
100% of the proceeds from the sale of this beer originally went toward ALD causes and charities, and it is no different today. Attendees at our fundraising Stone anniversary celebrations have become accustomed to seeing the Fight ALD booth. Created by Sawyer’s mother, Janis Sherwood, Fight ALD is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to spread awareness for the all-important early detection of the disease and search for its cure.

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