Sean Knisely & Will Payne Harrison Live at Stone Brewing
July 14, 2018
4:00PM - 7:00PM
Event Overview
"Easy, clean and humble, this, his follow-up to Louisiana Summer, is well-written but simple." - Offbeat, New Orleans, LA
"Harrison follows in the footsteps of his heroes, telling stories that can make you smile right before they make you cry. Willie Nelson and John Prine would be proud." - Mother Church Pew, Nashville, TN
"East Nashville Blues lets Will Payne Harrison get 'Lost in the Sway' on a weaving fiddle run as he ponders a 'Strange Contradiction' regarding life in the fast lane, and quietly walks down Woodland Avenue into 5 Points after a night of drinking asking a companion to 'Stay with Me'." - The Alternate Root Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
"Keep an eye out for the new album... You won’t want to miss it!”– No Country For New Nashville, Nashville, TN
"The music back home in West Virginia is just as interesting as it is here in Nashville. It's music for music's sake - a reminder that our best work comes from the fringes, not from proven success formulas.
I used to be a TV news director, and often thought about art's place in our image-driven consumer world. Sensation & spectacle sell better than substance. And who's to say that what sells is what's successful?
I'd love to be some great critic and deconstructor of all that, but in real life I'm just a nice-guy optimist. If our culture lacks substance, then I'll quietly try to write something substantive & original." 
Oh - and it’s pronounced “nicely.”