Stone Barrel-Aged Brown Ale w/Balaton Sour Cherries
Event Overview

Every Wednesday we tap a keg (or kegs) of something fun, outside of the year-round releases! Sometimes it’s a rare vintage brew, sometimes it’s a Stone Special Creation, but every time, it’s something extra special & delicious! Supplies are limited, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Stone Barrel aged Brown Ale w/Balaton Sour Cherries

ABV: 8.1%


Aged almost 3 years in wine barrels, followed by several months in our foudres (large format oak tanks).  The beer smells like a barrel room in a brewery.  Lots of oak and aged beer flavors, with chocolate roasted malt flavors still present.  Layers of red wine and dark cherry flavors, similar to black cherry on the finish.  Cherry flavors are both sweet, sour, and tannic, adding some palate weight to the beer.  Hints of acetic acid from the extended barrel aging round out the flavor.