Stone Vapor Chamber
Event Overview

Stone Vapor CHamber

  • Style: Unfiltered IPA

  • ABV: 7.6

  • Flavor Profile: Juicy, Tripical, Citrus

  • Featured Hops:  Mosiac, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria

  • IBU: 70

  •  Brewed by: Josh Hundley - Brewer II

  • Available Formats: 16oz 4pks & Draft


Overview/Background Information

Designed and brewed by our very own ESCO brewer Josh Hundley during our brewer rotation at Liberty Station.  This hop combination of Mosaic, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria are from Josh's 1st place winning 2019 Spotlight Beer "Bottomless Brut IPA". This IPA comes in very juicy with huge notes of orange and melon combined with mango. Despite its tested IBU's of 79, the perceived bitterness is much more in tune to make a wonderful easy drinking IPA.


Reason behind the name

"Vapor Chambers are a unique CPU cooling technology that dissipates heat into liquid which vaporized and acts as a self pumping mechanism to a heat sink. This is a beer for those wishing to cool down, blow off some steam, and immerse themselves in a haze of flavor" - Josh Hundley